Windows 8.1 confirmed for release this year, free upgrade for Windows 8 users

windows 8.1 blue

windows 8 guideIn a blog post written today, Microsoft confirmed that the next version of Windows will be called 8.1, dropping the ‘Blue’ codename. The update will be free to all current Windows 8 users and will be released some time this year, though it’s hinted for a holiday release.

While there’s no solid release date for Windows 8.1, Microsoft will reveal more information about the operating system during its Build developer conference on June 26th. There will also be a public preview released during Build for users to test out.

Details are still scarce about what Windows 8.1 will bring, though Microsoft is paying attention to user complaints about Windows 8. The most popular rumor is that the Start button will be making a return, though it’ll still only open up the Modern UI of Windows 8 instead of offering a traditional Start Menu experience. Another rumor is that the updated OS will allow booting straight to the desktop instead of loading the Modern UI first. There will also be a new Modern UI styled file manager for tablets and improved window snapping for multiple apps.

windows 8.1 blue

Microsoft also took the time to reiterate that Windows 8 is about choice with tons of different devices running the operating system. The Windows Store now has over 70,000 apps but still lags behind both Android and iOS.

[Source: Windows Blog]

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