Windows 8.1, Google Hangouts and GT6 in the Softonic Minute

Google Maps, Windows 8.1, Google Hangouts and Gran Turismo 6 in the Softonic Minute

Here’s your Friday dose of this week’s top news in the world of software.

Windows 8.1 has a release date. Microsoft has confirmed that on June 26, you’ll be able to download the first version. It will be a completely free update and could include features that users have been demanding since day one, like a start button.

Gran Turismo 6 confirmed. The driving simulator will go on sale at the end of the year for PS3. An official trailer has been released and this July, we’ll see an official demo.

Google reinvents Google Maps. Significant improvements were presented during the Google I/O developer’s conference and include the best features of Google Earth and a recommendations feature. The design is notably better and focuses on providing information that’s of use to you.

Google Hangouts can be downloaded. A new threat to Whatsapp and LINE was one of the major announcements at Google I/O. A multiplatform messenger that spans all the Google services, it also offers group videocalls. All that, and free.

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