Word Up: Top 10 word puzzle games

ScrabbleThere’s nothing like a good word puzzle to get your grey cells working during a quiet moment or a break from work. There’s something for everyone out there from simple kids puzzles to cryptic crosswords for the hardcore. And if that’s not good enough, there are a few options to make your own puzzles instead. So get your dictionaries out and your thesaurus at the ready to help you master these top 10 classic word puzzles for your PC.

  • Scrabble – The classic game brought to your PC with some stunning graphics
  • Bookworm – Find hidden words in the letter grid to feed the hungry Bookworm
  • WordoMatic – Scrabble meets Tetris in this race against the clock
  • WordLab – Great kids game where kids discover hidden words in a laboratory
  • Scramble – Unscramble words to reveal the famous quote, phrase or message
  • WordWeb – Free thesaurus and dictionary to check whether your answers exist!
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