World Cup 2014: How to track, follow and watch every game

World Cup 2014: How to track, follow and watch every game

A true sports fan doesn’t just watch the game on TV– they need much more information. If you’re a true fan and want to follow everything during this year’s World Cup 2014 in Brazil, we’ll show you the best apps to give you all the info you need.

How have you been preparing for one of the most important events in the last 4 years? You’ve probably already started following your favorite players and the national teams on social networks, or maybe, if you’ve been lucky enough to get tickets, you’ve installed some of the best apps for travelling to Brazil.

The fact is that this World Cup will no longer be just a television event: multitasking with multiple devices has become common practice among all soccer (and sports) fans.

To follow the event, we won’t just be watching the game on TV; we’ll be using smartphones, tablets and computers to see the stats, to read the news and find out which teams got knocked out, to get updates on group standings, and to follow the results of games being played simultaneously.

Let’s have a look at the best apps and websites to follow FIFA World Cup 2014.

The calendar – never miss a game

If you’re “soccer crazy”, you’ll already have the dates and times of the World Cup matches committed to memory. In any case, a reminder is never a bad thing, especially if it’s stylish and easy to use.

One good reminder tool is the Pocket World Cup Schedule, a web page to keep in your browser’s bookmarks so that you can see the 2014 World Cup schedule at any time, especially from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, where it’s particularly convenient to use without having to install anything.

Pocket World Cup Schedule

Pocket World Cup Schedule seen on mobile browser

Results in real time, when you’re away from the screen

When it comes to applications for following results in real-time, to say there are plenty is an understatement. Seeing as it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to see all the World Cup matches live, we’ll probably have to resort to an app to see how the games are going.

Personally, I prefer to use LiveScore, an app for AndroidiPhone and iPad (it’s also available as a web app), because it gives me a complete overview of the Serie A without forgetting the other leagues.

LiveScore shows you formations on the field, goals by minute, and other important events like cards and substitutions. It also includes live statistics of the matches and other useful functions like a calendar, and team scores in the various groups.


The World Cup section in the LiveScore app

For apps that follow the World Cup exclusively, Sofa 2014 World Cup Live Score is definitely one of the best, available on AndroidiPhone and iPad.

Aside from giving you results in real time, SofaScore integrates other important information about the tournament, everything from goal scorers to a table of matches.

Sofa Score

Sofa Score on the iPhone (left) and Android (right)

News and information about the teams and the tournament

Calendar and results in real-time might not be enough for you. To see all the information about the World Cup from your smartphone, there are many applications available which also include a news section, goal replays, and many more.

The official app from FIFA, available for Android, iPad and iPhone, give you essential information about the World Cup, such as groups, games, and standings, but it stands out for its News section, where you can find in-depth articles and videos.

By browsing the app, for example, I found the video presentation of the national teams in the World Cup which, in addition to being fun, also gave me useful information on the nations taking part in the competition.

FIFA for iOS (left) and FIFA for Android (right)

Another good app is World Cup 2014 Brazil, although its only available for Android. Like the FIFA app, it integrates photos, videos, and news about each World Cup match. It has a section on the history of the tournament with tons of data, and it allows for some customization, letting you modify the app’s tabs.

Also available on Android is LiveSoccer Football World Cup, one of the most elegant app I found. Like World Cup 2014 Brazil and FIFA, it also includes news, photos and videos from FIFA, but it does so with a better design, sending you notifications about your national team.

LiveSoccer World Football Cup

The LiveSoccer Football World Cup app for Android

Detailed statistics for the real tactician

Despite the great apps I’ve already mentioned, the true soccer fan may not be content; they need to analyze matches, understand the reason for changes, and justify their dislike for Balotelli with statistical data in order to provide concrete evidence during debates with friends.

To help figure it out, I asked one of the experts of Italian soccer, one of the few people who makes use of this sort of statistical analysis in his work. Manusia Daniel, an editor at VICE, recommended several sites and applications to me.

To improve your couch coaching, FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone is definitely one of the best web apps and applications for the iPhone and iPad to help you in your new “job”. The app provides real-time data on the game as it happens, allowing you to compare players and analyze their performance in detail.

Stats Zone

The application for iOS FourFourTwo Football Stats Zone

Other applications of interest for analyzing post-match statistics are WhoScored, available only in a web app version, and Squawka, which, as well as having a website, also has an app for iPhone and iPad that will soon be available for Android (before the World Cup, with a little luck).

SquawkaComparative between players on Squawka

The complete fan kit for the World Cup

With these apps, you’ll have the essential app kit to follow the World Cup from your tablet or smartphone. Many of these you’ll use when you can’t follow a game live, and others will be for multitasking while you’re watching the game. Either way, these apps will no doubt be your allies when you’re following the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Which apps will you use to follow the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

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