World of Warcraft: Understanding the new leveling system


If you were keeping up with the Battle for Azeroth expansion news, then you might have an idea of the new leveling system in World of Warcraft. The system has actually changed for players who don’t have the expansion as well, so if you are planning to return to WoW with any expansion, you will still experience this new way of leveling. Don’t worry though, it’s actually a much-needed change.

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What’s new with Warcraft’s new leveling system

Old leveling

World of Warcraft

Before the changes, each zone had its own group of levels that monsters and quests would be fixed to. For example, Eversong Woods would feature monsters and quests from levels 1 to 10. Players could still go here and complete these quests past level 10, but they would not receive as much experience as doing higher level content. This made it difficult for new players and returning players to really get much of the story since it’s easy to level through content quickly. This happens pretty rapidly for expansions, since what used to be end-level content was now just a 10-level speed bump on your way to max level. This made leveling a pretty dull experience, since it was mostly just a rush to try and get to end content in order to get immersed in the current gameplay and story.

New leveling

World of Warcraft

The level system has been changed entirely from a static level plateau for each monster and quest, to a scaling one based on your level. Instead of a zone like Eversong Woods featuring a static level system between 1 and 10, it now features a scaling level system with monsters and quests scaling featuring a minimum of level 1 and a maximum of level 20. This new scaling system lets you play through each expansion, and actually experience the story and the benefits that each area has to offer. Leveling becomes closer to a constant endgame experience with everything being more immersive overall. Of course, this gives you the option of exploring an area for longer than before, and even letting you forgo similar level areas, so that you can try them with different alternative characters. It also means that you can completely avoid leveling in areas you don’t like, and instead continue to level in the areas that you do like.

WoW’s new Allied Races work perfectly with this leveling system, as you have to unlock them with a high-level character before you can raise a new character of an Allied Race. Whether you play with one of these or not, you’ll be sure to enjoy this new leveling system as you create new characters.


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