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8 best World of Warcraft YouTubers

8 best World of Warcraft YouTubers
Troy Zaher

Troy Zaher

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As one of the largest and oldest MMOs out there, World of Warcraft has plenty of content creators. Some focus on creating player guides, while others are more focused on speculating upcoming events. Regardless, if you’re looking to watch some World of Warcraft content, there are plenty of sources out there for you to do so. However, that also means there are plenty of mediocre and bad YouTubers as well. Thankfully, we’ve gone through them and found the best YouTubers no matter what your WoW preferences are:

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Best YouTube channels for World of Warcraft fans

8. hirumaredx

An underappreciated YouTuber who has a myriad of Top 10 videos. Along with these, he has animated lore videos which explain the various villains within the WoW universe. His videos are funny and informative, and cover a large range of the WoW history. All the way from Vanilla to Legion, he has covered topics on practically every subject you can think of.

7. World of Warcraft

It may be silly to include the creators of a game on a list of great YouTubers. However, the World of Warcraft YouTube includes some of the best cinematic videos of all time, especially for WoW fans. On top of this, they have their own guides and news updates that are just as useful as other YouTubers. If you’re not subscribed to them, then you are missing out on a primary source of World of Warcraft content.

6. PixelCatPlays (PixelCat)

This YouTuber is great for a good laugh. He creates frequent funny videos based on World of Warcraft and similar games. You can check out most of his videos on his old channel, PixelCat. He also covers much of the roleplaying side of WoW that not many YouTubers seem to venture into. For players who are into role-playing, this content can be highly relatable in a medium that doesn’t have a lot of relatable content.

5. Nixxiom

Nixxiom does a little bit of everything on his channel. He covers news, tells WoW storytimes, and gives frequent first impressions on new content as it comes out. He is funny and clever, and worth watching as a regular YouTuber. Even if you take a break from WoW, his content is unique enough to keep you interested and subscribed for a long time.

4. TheLazyPeon

A general MMO player that mainly focuses on MMO first impressions and WoW guides. One of the best channels if you’re into a larger variety of MMOs, as he has deep insight on what are good games in the genre. He also has a lot of useful information for beginner players of WoW and similar MMOs.

3. Hazelnuttygaming

One of the few channels to really cover pet battles, Hazel is an interesting and unique channel among the WoW YouTuber community. Most channels focus simply on news, general guides, and some humor videos, and while Hazel does cover those topics as well, she will venture into more obscure WoW content as well. This can be helpful and interesting to those who are tired of seeing the same general topics being covered by different YouTubers, as well as people who are into those obscure things like pet battles.

2. MadSeasonShow

The ultimate Tips & Tricks channel. MadSeasonShow has the best guides for gold farming and newer content. He is one of the few channels that will continually update his guides, meaning no matter what expansion you have, you can be sure to have some helpful guides on typical questions like class differences and profession leveling. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t seen any of his videos.

1. PreachGaming

If you find any aspect of WoW confusing, PreachGaming will have an in depth video to clear up that confusion. On top of these insightful videos, he has many interesting opinion videos that can be great for people looking to see some game/content reviews. Like some of the previous channels on this list, he covers all expansions of WoW, not just the current one. 

One thing that these YouTubers seem to lack is a guide to important and useful addons. WoW addons can change the very nature of the game for a player, and this makes them an incredibly practical option to include in your gameplay. You may want to check out our suggestions on the topic before diving into the videos of these fantastic YouTubers.

Troy Zaher

Troy Zaher

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