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WoW Secrets of Azeroth Day 13: Stormshroud Peak and A Curious Orb

WoW Secrets of Azeroth Day 13: Stormshroud Peak and A Curious Orb
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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Ready for the grand finale of WoW Secrets of Azeroth Day 13? Today’s quest takes us to Stormshroud Peak for some serious mystery solving!

Secrets of Azeroth event has been captivating players since August 31, and today is none other than WoW Secrets of Azeroth Day 13. We’re capping things off with an epic adventure to Stormshroud Peak, the location for today’s quest: A Curious Orb!

Dust off your mount because the climb to Stormshroud Peak is more than a hop, skip, and a jump—it’s basically a vertical marathon. But hey, you’re not alone. The whole community is buckled in for this adventure. Trust us, it’s worth every step.

Secrets of Azeroth Day 13 in WoW

Ah, the Valdrakken Inn. It’s almost like home, isn’t it? After grabbing the quest, get ready to head for Stormshroud Peak in the Thaldrazus area, the heart of today’s action. To locate this peak, navigate southeast from the dragon capital and then make a southwest turn from Tyrhold. Trust us, it’s worth the trek.

Stormshroud Peak and A Curious Orb

Now, here comes the fun part. Stormshroud Peak is dotted with caves, three to be exact. Inside these caves, you’ll find tablets that you’ll reveal using your Torch of Pyrreth. Once illuminated, these tablets enable you to interact with what seems like nondescript mounds of dirt. Voilà, these mounds will give you pieces to form the Orb of Rathmus, our ‘Curious Orb’ for the day. Bring it back to the Valdrakken Inn to complete your quest.

For those of you who love coordinates, here are the waypoints for the caves and their respective orbs:

  • Cave 1:
    • Tablet: /way #2025 50.2 81.0
    • Orb: /way #2025 49.5 79.7
  • Cave 2:
    • Tablet: /way #2025 46.6 77.6
    • Orb: /way #2025 45.9 79.7
  • Cave 3:
    • Tablet: /way #2025 48.7 76.4
    • Orb: /way #2025 50.2 78.0

Fixing A Curious Orb quest bug

Ah, the twist in the tale—the notorious “A Curious Orb” quest bug. So you’ve accepted “A Complete Inventory” and suddenly, poof, it’s marked as done? We feel you, and you’re not alone. This glitch is throwing a wrench into the grand finale quest, “Under Suspicion,” making it a bit of a hot mess.

Thinking of dropping the quest? Hold that thought. The item you snag, the Compiled Report, becomes your clingy ex—just won’t let go. That means you’re stuck in a questless limbo, and we know how disheartening that can be.

One fan vented on the WoW official forums, saying:

“I abandoned this quest and the item, Compiled Report, would not let me take the quest again as it stated I didn’t meet the requirements. Deleting the Compiled Report also does not allow me to get the quest again, and neither does actually solving the clues, so I’m completely unable to complete it now.”

We’ve heard this sad song from many players facing the same hurdle. At this point, the best strategy seems to be to turn in “A Complete Inventory” and carry on. Sure, you’ll miss out on a search quest, but sometimes you’ve got to let go to move forward. Keep those spirits up; there are more adventures ahead!

Have fun

That wraps up our journey through WoW Secrets of Azeroth Day 13, glitches and all. While Stormshroud Peak brought its own set of challenges—both intentional and accidental—we hope you’ve still found some empowerment and excitement along the way. Here’s to hoping the next adventure is as bug-free as a freshly debugged program

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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