Xbox One’s gameplay capture details revealed

Xbox One’s gameplay capture details revealed

xbox one magic moments 1Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will support recording gameplay video Microsoft has a trick up its sleeve. In an interview with Polygon, Ben Kilgore, corporate vice president of Xbox program management, revealed that the Xbox One will automatically capture “magic moments” without users prompting the console to do so.

Kilgore says that players will be able to say “Xbox capture that” to tell the console to grab part of the buffered gameplay video. All of the gameplay footage is recorded and kept on the hard drive temporarily. Microsoft will also release an API for the Xbox One that will allow games to automatically capture “magic moments” for its players. Kilgore gives this example:

“We’re going to give game developers access so they can actually go out there and record your magic moment for you because they’ll be likely to know when something epic is about to happen in the game…Single-player [moments] or it could be something like you just make 10 head shots in a row. Something really cool is happening, and you’re on a rampage, I’m going to grab a magic moment for you because I’m smart enough to detect that, you know, you’re capturing the flag and and your last 10 yards before you get to the base sort of thing.”

By constantly buffering video in the background, the Xbox One consumes a lot of resources but Kilgore promises that it won’t slow down the console. “We’re very carefully engineering it so it won’t affect any performance or your hard drive,” said Kilgore.

After a video is captured, it can be shared instantly using Xbox Live and other video services like YouTube.

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