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Weird-looking high-tech toothbrush promises a cleaner mouth in 10 seconds

Buying that new smartphone or game console is one thing, but did we really expect to see an upgrade to the toothbrush in our lifetime? Did we even want it? While a new electronic toothbrush likely won’t appear at the top of many Christmas lists, let’s face facts: Everybody brushes their teeth, and we’ve been doing it the same way every day since 1938. Cars and computers have certainly come a long way since then; it’s time some of our more ubiquitous products get a much-needed face-lift.

Introducing the new Y-Brush from the French manufacturer FasTeesH:

Why use Y-Brush?

The human mouth houses 32 teeth and has 3 different angles, totaling 96 overall places that require cleaning twice a day. Dentists recommend brushing for 2 minutes minimum per session, which means you’re supposed to brush each tooth for about 4 seconds. Does that happen?

Proper tooth brushing technique
Dentists use a mirror for a reason. You’re probably missing a lot of surface area.

Probably not.

Left to our own devices, many of us are embarrassingly inept at proper brushing technique, or are simply too impatient for good oral hygiene. Even when your brush with the best of intentions, you’re prone to common issues like gum recession, plaque buildup, and excessive wear and tear on your enamel.

The Y-Brush removes an impressive 15% more plaque than a traditional toothbrush and sports rounded hair tips for less aggressive strokes against the gums and teeth, taking care not to aggravate while brushing. But that’s not all – the Y-Brush knocks brushing time down to 10 seconds.

How does the Y-Brush work?

We’ve been brushing our teeth ‘the normal way’ for so long that a device as odd-looking as the Y-Brush probably looks like some bizarre prop from a sci-fi show.

The Y-Brush
The Y-Brush looks like a mouth guard, and you put it in the same way

The process is simple, however: Just put in your toothpaste and bite down on the Y-Brush. Turn it on and make slow chewing motions with your mouth. After five seconds, flip the Y-Brush and repeat with your other jaw, and five seconds later you’re done.

It feels like you’re not spending enough time brushing, but in reality, you’re brushing 400% more. The Y-Brush tackles each tooth for five seconds since the device brushes all the teeth of one jaw simultaneously – four times longer than a manual or even an electric toothbrush during a standard two-minute brushing session.

The reason it’s so efficient is that the bristles are pointed up at a perfect 45-degree angle – the angle recommended by the ADA when you use a standard toothbrush. The motor on the front of the brush tray vibrates to clean your teeth much more reliably (and carefully) than your arm. There are even three different (but equally effective) settings you can choose between if you find the higher ones uncomfortable.

Y-Brush vibration settings
Adjust vibration strength by pressing here.

The brush of the future?

What makes the Y-Brush so promising is that it walks the line between efficiency and convenience. Yes, we care about our dental health, but we care more about our own convenience and ease of living. Since the Y-Brush doesn’t even require any unique toothpaste (you can fill it with any you like!), it’s an improvement in practically every way.

Y-Brush adjusting settings
Cleaning the Y-Brush is as simple as rinsing it – just like with your old toothbrush.

You can plug the device in when you use it (like you would with an electronic toothbrush) or you can even charge it wirelessly via induction. The Y-Brush comes with a charging station so you can bring it with you on the go and use it in a more portable capacity. Since it’s so easy  and fast to use, the product is especially good for kids or people with disabilities.

FasTeesH has been developing the Y-Brush and testing it with professional dentists for three years, and the general consensus is very positive: The device eliminates bacteria responsible for gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum disease, and does it all with efficiency and speed. Unfortunately, the product is on the expensive side, costing around $125. To be fair, however, that’s about as much as a premium electric toothbrush – and the Y-Brush is the better alternative. Plus it comes with the handle, brush, charging station, and a storage pod and toothpaste applicator, so you’ll be taken care of from the start.

Y-Brush package plans
The Y-Brush comes with 4 different purchase plans, and 4 different mouth sizes.

The Y-Brush isn’t available yet, but you can pre-order one right here. Deliveries are expected to happen in April 2019.

Are you going to get one, or is this just an expensive fad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to floss!

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