Yahoo! acquires FoxyTunes

Yahoo! acquires FoxyTunes

FoxyTunesWith Yahoo! currently at the top of tech headlines because of Microsoft’s proposed takeover, and rumors of Google or Apple waiting in the dark to jump on any opportunity, Yahoo! has still managed to acquire the Firefox FoxyTunes extension. It’s nothing compared to the main story but it goes to show that Yahoo! Music is still very much active.

FoxyTunes is a really cool little extension that lets you control any media player straight from Firefox, the Mozilla Suite or Thunderbird. It is skinnable, localizable and can work with all sorts of keyboard shortcuts. In all, if you keep your music playing all the time, you’ll find it’s great help and works really well. FoxyTunes has gone through a lot of improvements and now incorporates Last.FM, Amazon, Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Music content related to the song you’re playing. It seems the ties between the FoxyTunes team and Yahoo! have been around for some time and hopefully now being part of Yahoo! Music will bring much more player integration, music sites and services to the extension.

[Via: Mozilla Links]

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