Yahoo! buys Inquisitor search tool

Yahoo! buys Inquisitor search tool

InquisitorDespite all the turmoil surrounding two rejected bids from Microsoft, Yahoo! keeps expanding and acquiring new services. In February they bought the excellent FoxyTunes Firefox extension, which gives you complete control over your music library straight from your browser.

This time they went for the very good Inquisitor search tool for Safari on Mac. No information relating to the acquisition is available on the Inquisitor page and the blog of David Watanabe, developer of the application is not available anymore, yet clicking on the feedback link in the Inquisitor page takes you to a Yahoo! account page.

When I tested and reviewed Inquisitor, I was really impressed with the speed at which it loads up results and all the little features you have to customize the search engines and displayed results. Inquisitor also has a very sleek interface which fits in very well in Safari.

The Yahoo! Search Team explains that this acquisition will give them more presence in the Mac world. They also see Inquisitor as fairly similar to their own Search Assist technology, which predicts results and can give you fairly detailed suggestions, or concepts, as Yahoo! calls them. One of the first steps taken by Yahoo! has been removing the affiliate ad links, which helped pay for the project when it was still independent. We’ll probably be seeing more changes to the search tool in the future from Yahoo!, although I hope they keep it as efficient and simple as it is now.

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