Yahoo! Mail updated with 1TB of storage, synced themes and more

Yahoo! Mail updated with 1TB of storage, synced themes and more

Yahoo! Mail is getting a significant update today. The service will now include 1TB of storage, synced themes, a new interface, and free access to features that were previously available only to Mail Plus (now Yahoo Mail Pro) subscribers.

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The redesign of Yahoo! Mail is what you’ll notice first. The Android, iOS, web, and Windows 8 apps are all getting updated to have the same look and feel, helping to keep the user experience consistent, no matter what device you’re using. The design borrows heavily from Yahoo!’s beautiful weather app, featuring a ton of transparencies and beautiful images pulled from Flickr.

On the web, there’s a new compose window when you’re writing an email, which looks reminiscent of Google’s Gmail. Buttons for attachments, formatting, and other features are located at the bottom.

Threaded messaging has also been improved, allowing users to quickly expand a full conversation list. Each participant’s avatar is shown up top to remind you who wrote each message. The interface resembles Google’s iconic interface, which was recently introduced in Gmail for Android.

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Mail Plus subscription features have been made free for everyone with this update. That means you can get a disposable email address, POP support and email forwarding as standard. This brings Yahoo! Mail’s feature set up to par with other services like Gmail. Mail Plus subscribers will be grandfathered into their $19.99 per year plan for an ad-free experience. New subscribers will have to pay $49.99 for an ad-free mail experience.

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