Yahoo stops honoring Do Not Track browser settings

Yahoo stops honoring Do Not Track browser settings

Yahoo announced today that the company would stop honoring Do Not Track settings in web browsers. The Do Not Track standards allow users to opt-out of targeted advertising, which relies on collecting some user data.

Companies like Facebook and Google already ignore the Do Not Track standard. However, there are a few companies that are still committed to the standard like Twitter and Pinterest.

This move shouldn’t be surprising as Yahoo stands to benefit from selling targeted ads on its sites. Google also relies on collecting browsing data to sell targeted ads.

Popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome have Do Not Track options but it won’t matter if sites ignore the standard.

Yahoo says it has yet to see a successful single standard for opting out of targeted ads. The company still offers users the ability to change opt out of targeted ads in their Privacy Center.

Source: Yahoo

Via: The Verge


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