Year in Review of the Most Popular / Controversial Stories

Year in Review of the Most Popular / Controversial Stories
Priyanka Monteiro

Priyanka Monteiro

2022 was an action-packed year. From prominent political figures to Hollywood stars, everyone got in on the action. While there were a lot of positives this year (Lionel Messi winning the FIFA World Cup for the first time), there were a few news stories that made headlines for the wrong reasons. Here are some controversial stories that made the headlines in 2022.

Nord Sabotage

Four leaks were reported in September along the Nord one and two pipelines. These pipelines are located in the Baltic Sea and connect Germany and Russia.

Traces of explosives were found along the pipeline damage. This resulted in a theory that the pipelines were sabotaged. These leaks caused natural gas to leak into the Baltic, causing bubbles on the surface and raising environmental concerns.

Nord Sabotage 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

Chris Pincher

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was already under fire for the “party gate” controversy (gatherings at No 10 even during the Corona lockdown). After this, the sexual misconduct case against Chris Pincher threw Boris into the limelight again.

These allegations rocked the foundation of UK politics and resulted in the resignations of top cabinet ministers, Sajid Javed and Rishi Sunak (Another controversy to talk about another day – whether Rishi is Indian, Pakistani, or English). This was followed by several resignations and the eventual ousting of Boris Johnson.

Chris Pincher 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

Brittney Griner

American basketball star, Brittney Griner, was arrested in February in Moscow when the authorities found cannabis oil and vape canisters in her luggage. Although the WNBA star had a prescription for medical marijuana in Arizona, it is banned in Russia.

Britney was eventually released ten months later after the American government negotiated a prisoner swap deal. Russia demanded the release of the notorious arms dealer, Viktor Bout. If the deal hadn’t gone through, Brittney was to serve a prison sentence of nine years in Mordovia.

Brittney Griner 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

Boycott Bollywood

The ‘Boycott Bollywood’ brigade gained momentum in 2022 and the latest controversy was the ‘Besharam Rang’ song from the Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone movie, Pathaan.

The controversy stemmed from the fact that Deepika Padukone wore a provocative ‘saffron-hued’ bikini in the song. Protests were seen in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and prominent cabinet ministers started a movement to ban the movie. Although no statement has been released by the movie makers or the actors, only time will tell if the movie is still released with the song as is.

Boycott Bollywood 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

Kashmir Files

Vivek Agnihotri’s Kashmir Files was another movie that caused controversy in 2022. The movie was based on the Kashmiri Hindu’s exodus in the 1990s. Despite its controversies, the movie attracted many audiences to the theatres. Some believed that the portrayal of the Kashmiri Pandits killings was horrific. What added to the controversy is that the ruling party BJP endorsed the movie and declared it tax-free in several states.

Kashmir Files 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard

The longest trial the media followed with a keen interest in 2022 was the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. From discussions to the prompt replies from Jonny Depp’s lawyer Camile Vasquez, this trial was nothing short of an epic drama series that made fans worldwide eager to hear the verdict.

This controversy was so popular that Discovery created a documentary featuring both sides of the story. It ended with Jonny winning the case Heard filed against him and in return won $ 2 million as compensation for the defamation. Even today, people are still eager to know what Amber heard is up to and whether Johnny Depp will return to the silver screen anytime soon.

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

Oscar Slapgate

The Oscar is always known to attract controversies; however, this year it took the cake. Hollywood legend Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock after Rock made remarks about Smith’s wife’s baldness. Jada Smith has a condition called alopecia areata, causing hair loss. Rock called her GI Jane after she sported a bandana for the event.

The slap caused a lot of controversies and divided the celeb world. Smith has since been banned from the Oscars for ten years. Coincidentally Smith bagged an Oscar at this very ceremony. He later apologized for his behavior.

Oscar Slapgate 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

Kanye West 

Kanye West didn’t shy away from the media this year whether it was his involvement with Julia Fox for barely a month or his spat with Pete Davidson over his relationship with Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, he’s been in the news stories almost every month.

Kim complained about him not cooperating when it comes to co-parenting their kids and Kim’s sister Khloe lashed out at Kanye for his constant social media messages targeting her sister. The most recent controversy is that Kanye’s been missing and can’t be found.

Kanye West 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

School Jobs Scam

The ruling party in West Bengal, India, the Trinamool Congress (TMC), came under fire after one of its ministers, Partha Chatterjee, was arrested on 23rd July by the ED (Enforcement Directorate).

Partha was the cabinet minister at the time and along with his aide, Arpita Mukherjee, he was running the SSC (School Service Commission) recruitment scam. As per this scam, many non-deserving candidates landed jobs at schools across the state.

School Jobs Scam 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

Jacqueline-Sukesh Saga

Bollywood superstar Jacqueline Fernandez attracted controversy due to her allegiance with conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Sukesh was involved in a money laundering case worth over $2 billion. Jacqueline was also investigated as part of the money laundering case.

Jacqueline claims she was unaware of his activities; however, reports claim otherwise. She received various luxurious items are gifts from Sukesh during her association with him.

Jacqueline-Sukesh Saga 2022 Controversial / Popular Stories

The Year Of Controversy

2022 has been one hell of a year when it comes to controversies.  Whether it’s a few dirty secrets out in the open or celebs out to get each other with no filter, we’ve seen it all. With everything that went down in 2022, we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us.

Priyanka Monteiro

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