You can now get a Free Robot Lawyer to Protect your Rights

You can now get a Free Robot Lawyer to Protect your Rights

A Legal Aid Bot that has helped drivers challenge over $2,000,000 of traffic fines is getting an expansion that will see it able to help users fight legal battles in 1,000 legal areas for free. DoNotPay will see features covering consumer and workplace rights added this Wednesday and will be able to take the legal fight to the man for users in all 50 US states and the UK.

Lawyers are so expensive that many people are simply priced out of having legal representation. DoNotPay creator Johua Browder wants to change this. He says,

“The expansion is into consumer rights, from fighting your landlord to getting a refund when something isn’t delivered on time. I think businesses should be forced to treat consumers better, and consumer rights bots will hopefully change that.”

Even simple services like drafting letters of complaint can costs hundreds of dollars but DoNotPay virtual lawyers will start providing the service for free. After inputting your legal issue a virtual lawyer will ask you for all of the corresponding information regarding the issue and will then draft a letter based on the information given in the exchange.

If you’re eligible for legal aid or you or if you qualify for assistance from a non-profit organization DoNotPay can put you in contact with the relevant parties.

Browder went on to say,

“I think the world is such an unfair place. Credit card companies charge the poor more for the same thing. Employers don’t respect the right to maternity leave. Half of all parking tickets are dismissed in New York. Previously, the main way to correct this unfairness was to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars to copy and paste a document. I hope DoNotPay gives more people a way to stand up for their rights.”

He also claims that DoNotPay has a success rate of about 55% with parking tickets so if it can maintain levels of success like that a whole lot of people might be able to start protecting rights much more effectively than they can do at present.

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