You’ll be shocked when you find out how much your old iPhones are actually worth!

So, it turns out that old iPhones are worth an absolute fortune! Who’d have thought it?

A recent environmental report from Apple revealed that the company had manage to salvage around 1,000 kilos of gold, which was salvaged from old products such as iPhones, iPads and Macs. Oh, you never knew your device had gold in it? Yes!

Gold is regularly used in electronics as it is an excellent electricity conductor, and is extremely durable as a material.

According to official sources, you can expect to receive just short of $40,000 for a kilo of gold. So, that means that just by recycling their old devices, Apple stand to make around $40 million (rough estimate)! According to sources, Apple does not sell its old devices – it simply reuses the materials to make newer ones.

Before you all start pulling apart your devices looking for gold bricks, be warned, there’s hardly any gold in one device to make you some big bucks. 🙁

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