You’ll Love These 2 New Facebook Live Features

You'll love these 2 new facebook live features

If you’ve been using Facebook Live recently you’ll be happy to now that Facebook are rolling out a couple of new features for the broadcasting service. Both features will improve the user experience of both viewers and streamers so let us have a look at them both now:

Live With

Live With will allow broadcasters to invite one of the viewers to join in the broadcast. This means that 2 users will be able to broadcast from the same location and the show can be presented in both landscape and portrait mode. As well as users broadcasting from the same location this feature opens up a whole raft of possibilities and is quite an exciting development. Don’t worry if you’re a little shy, though, as all invited users will have the option to ignore the invitation.

Live Chat with Friends

The other brand new feature for Facebook Live is Live Chat with Friends. This feature allows users to have a private conversation during a live stream rather than just leaving comments. Users can invite new new viewers to begin watching or they can initiate a chat with people who are already watching. On top of that users will be able to continue the conversation on Facebook messenger once the broadcast has finished.

These features will be getting tested over the next few months so don’t hold your breath just yet. Just know that they are coming and they’ll be here soon.

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