You’re at bat on Softonic

You’re at bat on Softonic

mlb_logo.jpgThe MLB season got to a start yesterday and saw the New York Mets beat the St Louis Cardinals in a rematch of last year’s National League Championship Series. The race to the World Series will last until September and feature great players like Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson. Past years have shown that teams that reach the World Series a year rarely repeat this feat the next year. Add to that the traditional deals and swaps of the preseason and it’s pretty difficult to predict which teams will make it to the playoffs. You might be eager to follow your favourite team as it races for the pennant and a place in the playoffs over the next 6 months so how about checking out some baseball games and applications?

Any serious baseball fan knows the game is all about stats. RBIs, BAs, strikes or shut outs are just a few of the figures that determine whether your favourite players are doing well or have a lousy year. Whether you play baseball or softball, Baseball Memories can track your own stats over a whole season. Check out how you fare compared to professionals and analyze your stats to see what you need to improve over the season.

Baseball Statbook is another program to follow your statistics. The program can be used for MLB teams or any little league or high school level leagues. It’s fairly easy to enter everything from batting to pitching and game results. Baseball Statbook also provides abbreviations for all of the available statistics.

The real deal is probably Out Of The Park Baseball Manager. This simulation available for Mac and PC, is the baseball equivalent of the world famous Championship Manager. Lead your team to the World Series, handling training, player transfers, tactical decisions, press points and the club’s finances. Although all the teams in the game are fictional, you really feel like you’re in control of the team and all your decisions will have an effect on your players’ and team’s results.

For Mac users, we suggest setting up Scoreboard on your Dashboard. This nifty little widget informs you of all the latest scores, inning by inning, so you never miss a play. You can check out all the day’s scores or follow your favourite team.

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