YouTube for Android update hints at ‘Music Pass’ and offline playback

YouTube for Android update hints at ‘Music Pass’ and offline playback

There have been plenty of rumors about YouTube‘s upcoming music streaming service and today we have a few more details. The sleuths over at Android Police have dug into the latest YouTube for Android update and found many references to the “Music Pass” subscription as well as a few details about how it will work.

Android Police found an XML file within the app that describes the benefits of subscribing to Music Pass. The file mentions offline playback of music as well as video, which we already knew was coming. There is also an emphasis put on the ability to listen to music in the background while using other apps. Currently, YouTube will stop playing any video if you jump into another app.

<string name=”music_pass”>Music Pass</string>

<string name=”offline_playback”>Offline playback</string>
<string name=”offline_playback_details”>Take your music everywhere</string>

<string name=”background_listening”>Background listening</string>
<string name=”background_listening_details”>Keep your music playing while using other apps</string>

<string name=”uninterrupted_music”>Uninterrupted music</string>
<string name=”uninterrupted_music_details”>No ads on millions of songs</string>

For offline video, the APK breakdown showed that videos could be downloaded in standard (360p) and high definition (720p).

It’s curious why Google is creating YouTube music subscription service since it already has Google Play Music All Access, which gives users unlimited access to millions of tracks and customized radio stations. We won’t know more about YouTube’s Music Pass subscription until Google is ready to reveal the service.

Would you use a YouTube music subscription? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: Android Police

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