YouTube for kids, music, books and more

YouTube for kids, music, books and more

YouTube, the most famous video sharing community in the world, was launched back in 2005. After four years it has become a clear point of reference in online business for other people, who have launched a bunch of websites following the same concept: gathering similar content and sharing it online. Sometimes these websites use the YouTube brand to explain their service, and you find expressions such as YouTube for music, YouTube for photos or Youtube for books.

This post aims at list all those different versions of YouTube, including of course the ones you share with us in comments.

YouTube for kids
You may already know some of the many adult versions of YouTube, but you won’t probably be so familiar with this YouTube for kids. features standalone videos, and also collections: groups of similar videos categorized by topic.

YouTube for kids, music, books and more is actually powered by YouTube and can adapt the interface and contents according to the age range we select. Parental control options let you block settings to prevent children from messing with them.

YouTube for books
If you had enough videos for today and fancy reading something instead, check out This website features books and documents published by anyone, anywhere.

YouTube for kids, music, books and more

You can find almost anything on Scribd, from short papers about the French Revolution to an Excel Function Dictionary or a 500-page long work about Analytical Psychology.

All books and documents in Scribd are conveniently organized in categories and can be sorted by language, licence, length and file format.

YouTube for music
When looking for a website that could be considered as YouTube for music, there are several candidates. One of them is GoEar, which features a powerful search engine, lets you listen to any MP3 files for free and supports a list of Favorite songs.


YouTube for kids, music, books and more

Another good option is soundzit, with more than 300 million songs in its database and no registration required. Simply enter, search and enjoy your favorite music!

Grooveshark features a search engine as the main access to its music database. You can also manage your music, recently played tracks, popular hits, and a list of favorite songs.

YouTube for kids, music, books and more

Last but not least, we have – the most social-oriented candidate of all three. You can discover new bands based on recommendations according to your musical taste, keep a list of friends and also manage concerts and other events.

YouTube for videogames
The most YouTube-like website is undoubtedly GameTrailers, which features an amazingly large collection of videos about all sorts of games, both in standard and high quality.

YouTube for kids, music, books and more

But this doesn’t mean GameTrailers is the only one. You also have WiiTube (mostly for Nintendo Wii videos), SimTube (specializing in flight simulators) and WeGame, which also hosts videos recorded by players with the WeGame app.

YouTube for scientists
Video sharing sites are not only about fun. You can also find more serious versions, like SciVee, which offers videos about scientific experiments.

YouTube for kids, music, books and more

Other similar websites are MIT Tech TV – a video community aimed at the distribution of science, engineering, technology and other MIT-related video material on the web – and JoVE, which features biological research.

They all provide you with a valuable tool to aggregate, share and spread scientific knowledge in a more entertaining way.

Want more?
If these YouTube versions weren’t enough, here’s a list of other similar sharing communities we found on the Web.

[Adapted from: OnSoftware Spain]

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