YouTube is getting an incognito mode

YouTube is getting an incognito mode

Web browsers were the first to introduce incognito mode. Designed to allow you to surf the web without being tracked, incognito mode has now become an ever-present across many different apps. It looks YouTube will soon get the incognito treatment so that you can keep all those embarrassing videos you’ve been watching secret.

Android Police report that a new Turn on Incognito setting has been spotted on some versions of the YouTube app. According to the report, Turn on Incognito will be found beneath the Switch account / Sign out button in the Account Settings menu.

With incognito mode activated, no activity will be tracked and even subscriptions will be hidden. In essence, you’ll be using YouTube as if you were signed out from Google account. Turning incognito mode off again will activate your account again.

At the moment, YouTube already has a version of an incognito mode, but the new button will make it much easier to activate. Until we see a wider rollout of the new button, to activate YouTube’s incognito mode you’ll have to go to Settings then History and privacy and pause search and watch history. Another way to do it is to log out of your Google account whenever you don’t want YouTube to track you.

Do you ever watch YouTube videos you don’t want anybody knowing about? Will this new feature be useful for you? Keep an eye out for this new feature as there is still no official word about when we will all have it.

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