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YouTube on desktop recently received an extremely useful new feature. Users can now watch videos while browsing the site for other videos and channels. And if that wasn’t enough, the site just rolled out another great feature.

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You can now subscribe to a YouTube channel from a video embedded on another site

YouTube is overhauling its embedded video player with new features. The embedded video player is the widget you see on other sites, allowing you to play YouTube videos. This used to be a very basic feature, simply showing a screenshot from the video, the play button, and some other basic information like the title. This new update now adds some other useful info and buttons.

Whenever you find an embedded video on a web page, like the one shown above, you’ll find the channel’s logo in the top right next to the video title. If you move your mouse cursor over the logo, it’ll open up to reveal the name of the channel and the number of subscribers it has. Crucially, hovering over the channel logo will also open up a subscribe button. This means if you find a YouTube video you love embedded on another web page, you’ll be able to subscribe to it right there with a single click.

This small update should offer a real boost to YouTube content creators as it makes it easier for them to connect with potential subscribers. Whereas having their videos embedded on other sites has always been a great way for them to collect video views, until now, embedded videos have shown very little information about who created them. Now, thanks to this latest update, users can not only learn who made the embedded video but also subscribe to their channel without having to leave the web page they’re currently on.

This new feature has been rolling out around the world for at least a couple of weeks now. As well as the channel information and subscribe button the new YouTube embedded video widget offers a couple of other useful features. On the top left of the video player users will find a Share button and a Watch Later button. The Share button will open up the standard YouTube sharing console and the Watch Later button will add the video to the watch later list of whatever Google account the user is logged in on.

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