YouTube suffering server problems?

YouTube logoIt seems that myself and various friends and colleagues have been affected by a streaming problem with YouTube over the past few days. Since yesterday, I’ve hardly been able to play a single video and others have also reported similar problems. I checked out the YouTube blog but there’s no report of any problems at all.

It’s definitely not my ISP that’s at fault because other people I know suffering the same problem are on various providers. It may just be that this is a technical issue specific to Spain but I’ve done a pretty thorough search and there’s no reports in any of the media about what it evidently a fairly widespread issue.

I only realised how ‘lost’ I felt without YouTube when a friend sent me a link for Leo Messi’s wondergoal in the Copa America. Initially, I thought this was the beginning of a clampdown by the site on posting copyrighted sports images but I soon realised none of the videos worked. Why there is no news about this problem is a mystery so let us know if you’ve been affected.

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