YouTube updates comment system to deal with spam

YouTube updates comment system to deal with spam

YouTube has released a statement on its new comment system, promising to deal with complaints of comment spam since its launch.

The social video site has made the following updates to the comment system:

  • Better recognition of bad links and impersonation attempts
  • Improved ASCII art detection
  • Changing how long comments are displayed

A Bulk moderation tool is promised soon, to make it easier for video owners to keep control of comments on their uploads.

However, these updates are unlikely to keep unhappy users contented. Most complaints about the new comment system relate to forcing users to link to a Google+ account, and the perceived loss of anonymity that entails. The YouTube statement doesn’t make any mention of Google’s much maligned social network.
Some users were using ASCII art in comments as a way to protest the new system, so ‘improved detection’ of this is likely to upset them even more.

Critics accuse Google of forcing Google+ on users to increase its popularity, but YouTube counters that the vast majority of users migrated their accounts without complaint.


[Source: YouTube Creators Blog]

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