Zombies are the in-thing!

Zombies are the in-thing!

OK, that’s been true for a while, but with PopCap’s release of last year’s Plants Vs Zombies for iPhone, zombies are once again becoming difficult to avoid!

If you feel like getting down with the undead, but find games like Left 4 Dead too gruesome, here are my top three brain-eating alternatives:

1: Plants VS Zombies. If you haven’t played this, download the demo, now available for PC and Mac! Zombies and gardening combine to make incredibly addictive gameplay. It’s part of the ‘tower defense’ genre, but don’t let that put you off as it’s an almost perfect game. Can you afford to miss a zombie Michael Jackson?

2: Attack of the Paper Zombies !!! This free indie game for Windows is a great mix of real-time strategy and the undead, although in this case, the lifeless hordes are also aliens! The pencil and paper graphical style is probably unique for a zombie game too. Download it here.

3: Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead. You may remember that re-imagining things can be a terrible disaster – Planet of the Apes, for example. However, Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead re-imagines Valve’s fantastic cooperative shooter as a Nintendo Entertainment System game from 1986. It feels like the real deal, too. I think the original’s more exciting, but this is still a cool game. No Nintendo required, you can download and play it in Windows.

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