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  1. Plugin for Adobe Acrobat for the imposition, placing the pages from pdf document at one or more resulting sheets.

  2. Free and intuitive PDF scanner for mobile devices

    Adobe Scan is an excellent application for users who have been looking for an on-the-go scanner. This system is a particularly wise choice in the event that...

  3. A free program for Android, by Coco Play By TabTale.

    Fantasy Gymnastics - Acrobat Dance World Tour is a free program for Android, belonging to the category 'Role Playing'.

  4. A new alternative to Adobe Acrobat Form Tools

    If you've always wanted to add a check box, radio button or combo box, to your PDF documents and felt frustrated because you couldn't find any easy to use...

  5. A free game for android

    Acrobat Star Show Show em what you got is a free game for Android that belongs to the category Simulation, and has been developed by Coco Play By TabTale....