Download Add Ons For Windows 10 - Best Software & Apps | 2

  1. Keepa

    • 4.2
    • (24 votes)

    Track prices on millions of Amazon products with Keepa

    Using a price-tracker tool will help you catch the next sale or a price reduction on your favourite product. Keepa is an Amazon-only tool that allows you to...

  2. A free app for Windows, by

    Edge Blocker is a free software for Windows, belonging to the category 'Add-ons & Tools'.

  3. Momentum

    • 4.1
    • (8 votes)

    A Free Browsers program for Windows

    Momentum is a free program only available for Windows, belonging to the category Browsers with subcategory Browser tools and has been created by Momentum.

  4. Powerful and Handy Diagram App

    Gliffy Diagrams is a browser add-on that allows you to create different types of diagrams online to suit your needs. A software-as-a-service (SaaS) and an ...

  5. Adguard

    Adguard is an attractive, configurable app that lets you remove ads from web pages.It's a lovely-looking program, with clean, clear lines, and easily...

  6. Free Browser Extension For Blocking Adverts

    AdBlock Ultimate for Chrome is a free browser extension for Google Chrome, which automatically blocks adverts. It is simple to install, works automatically...

  7. The Firefox of programming environments

    If you design websites across different platforms, then you need an editor that can keep up with you. Komodo Edit is not only cross platform but it's...

  8. More command options for The Sims 4

    MC Command Center is a game utility developed by Deaderpool for fans and casual players of The Sims 4. This useful app works just like Twallan’s Master...

  9. Inoreader

    • 4.5
    • (40 votes)

    Read curated blog content with Inoreader

    Inoreader is a simple RSS reader, intended as an alternative to services like Feedly or a replacement for the defunct Google Reader. The free version allows...

  10. Learn to play any song

    It is difficult to guess how to play a song without any guide. More so, it’s not like music sheets and chords are published right after a new hit is...

  11. Stay up-to-date and informed on Twitter

    TweetDeck by Twitter is a free extensions for the Google Chrome browser. Designed to help users improve their Twitter experience, TweetDeck by Twitter is...

  12. Sidekick Private Browser will make your surfing experience safer and more private

    Sidekick Private Browser is a free web browser sidekick that offers greatly enhanced security, both internally and externally. It works alongside your web...

  13. Locate the urls of audio and video files

    URL Snooper effectively recovers multimedia urls in any web page. The application starts working as soon as you launch it and quickly analyzes the site...

  14. A security extension for your browser

    KProxy Extension is a portable web browser add-on that heightens your security by allowing you to browse the internet anonymously. Proxies work by changing...

  15. Free Software to Create Bespoke and Professional Email Templates

    Gmail Email Templates is great for those who have been looking for a quick and easy way to install dozens of pre-formatted templates to use within a standard...

  16. Know your words

    Word Cloud Generator is a web add-on that can help show its users identify the themes of their write-ups as well as pinpoint overused and repetitive words....

  17. FB Unseen

    • 4.2
    • (33 votes)

    Free Extension for Facebook Users

    FB Unseen is a special extension for Facebook Messenger that masks the use of people who have installed it. this is a real boon for people who want to be...

  18. Torrid

    • 3.7
    • (3 votes)

    Browse Torrents from your Desktop. No need to go to for browsing torrents.