Download Add Ons For Windows 10 - Best Software & Apps | 4

  1. A security extension for your browser

    KProxy Extension is a portable web browser add-on that heightens your security by allowing you to browse the internet anonymously. Proxies work by changing...

  2. User-Friendly Daily Task Manager for your browser

    TickTick is a useful application for those who want to keep track of their daily schedules. Some basic features include push alerts, the ability to...

  3. Torrid

    • 3.7
    • (3 votes)

    Browse Torrents from your Desktop. No need to go to for browsing torrents.

  4. Sidekick Private Browser will make your surfing experience safer and more private

    Sidekick Private Browser is a free web browser sidekick that offers greatly enhanced security, both internally and externally. It works alongside your web...

  5. Separating Facebook from the world

    Facebook Container is a web browser add-on that is created to isolate your Facebook accounts from your other web activities. By putting it inside a...

  6. Real-time verification check for WhatsApp

    Code Verify for WhatsApp Web - Firefox is a free-to-download browser add-on developed by Meta. This extension adds an extra layer of protection when people...

  7. Openvid

    • 3.7
    • (5 votes)

    Chrome based video training

    Openvid allows you to record short, Chrome based, videos for training and tutorial reasons, all for free!

  8. Real-time verification check for WhatsApp

    Code Verify for WhatsApp Web – Chrome is a free-to-download browser add-on that adds an extra layer of protection when people use WhatsApp on the web. It...


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    An email finder tool is a free browser extension that was created by for PC devices. It is an add-on tool that can be download and used with the Google...

  10. FB Unseen

    • 4.2
    • (36 votes)

    Free Extension for Facebook Users

    FB Unseen is a special extension for Facebook Messenger that masks the use of people who have installed it. this is a real boon for people who want to be...

  11. ChillGlobal

    • 4.5
    • (25 votes)

    Stream and shop from 15 countries with this Firefox extension

    ChillGlobal is a VPN Extension for Firefox that allows you to access online content from 15 countries worldwide – regardless of where you are browsing from.

  12. StumbleUpon

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    • (2 votes)

    Personalized discovery

    StumbleUpon is a sort of web browser that recommends articles, pictures, and other things across the web it thinks is relevant to your interests.If you're...

  13. Access all of Google with one button

    Black Menu for Google is a Google Chrome extension offered by With this extension, users will be able to access all of Google’s services...

  14. Intense and engaging first-person shooter game

    Blood: One Unit Whole Blood is a carnage-filled first-person shooter (FPS) game which requires the player to battle against the gruesome forces of evil. The...

  15. Stealthy Binge-Watching

    Netflix Hangouts is a browser add-on created by mschf internet studios. This software is an extension for Netflix that lets you watch discreetly. At first...

  16. Free Software to Create Bespoke and Professional Email Templates

    Gmail Email Templates is great for those who have been looking for a quick and easy way to install dozens of pre-formatted templates to use within a standard...

  17. Keep your website cookies organized

    Cookies are important tools that allow pages and websites to be loaded with information tailored to a specific user. The problem with cookies is that they...

  18. F.B Purity - Add-Ons & Tools For Windows

    The F.B. Purity browser extension is a great tool for those who want to clean up their Facebook experience. This tool removes all the advertisements...

  19. An Extension to Help You Work Faster

    Gmail Templates is an extension available on the Google Chrome browser that gives users a number of writing templates they can use when drafting emails in...

  20. Scan online resources with this free extension

    VT4Browsers for Firefox is a browser application developed by VirusTotal. This is the official add-on for Firefox to scan suspicious files or links. It can...