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  1. Fun and addictive science fiction game for personal computers

    Outcast 1.1 is a futuristic game set in the distant future. A probe was sent to a distant world only to break down after its first transmission. It is the...

  2. Atari 2600 emulator for Macs

    If you ever owned the Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS) and yearn for a trip down memory lane, then Stella is your answer.The Atari 2600 was introduced...

  3. Addictive space bubbles

    Bubble Space is a jewel-style game where you have to make groups of three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them. With the simple and widely used...

  4. Fun, addictive space shoot'em up

    ProtoType is a side-scrolling shoot'em up in its purest form. Hence, you get loads of enemy waves, many power-ups to use against them and of course, a final...

  5. Addictive alien invasion strategy game

    Infested Planet is a Real Time Strategy Game where you must command 5 elite soldiers in fighting off an alien invasion. Infested Planet constantly challenges...

  6. Free and Addictive Physics- Based Game

    Dude Perfect 2 is based on the YouTube entertainment group, and is another of Miniclip's physics-based series of games. This basketball-themed multi-level...

  7. Fast Racing

    • 3.7
    • (3 votes)

    Addictive racing car game

    Fast Racing is one of a huge number of free speedy car games around but this one offers high fidelity graphics and has an addictive style which marks it out...

  8. Addictive Zuma-style casual game

    Marble Saga is a simple, yet addictive game of skill in which you need to eliminate chains of colored marbles before they reach the end of the track.Marble...

  9. Sequoia

    • 2.9
    • (9 votes)

    Addictive Blocks-style game

    If you have ever been addicted to Tetris then you'll probably really like Sequoia. Sequoia challenges you to maneuver shapes to create coherent squares of...

  10. Maddeningly-addictive Space Invaders remake

    Even if you weren't born in the 1970s, you've still probably heard of Space Invaders, which was the original arcade shoot-em-up. Space Invaders long since...

  11. Hugely addictive basketball tossing game

    Basketball Shoot is a fun casual game in which your mission is to score as many baskets as you can. Be warned: it's highly addictive - even if you're not a...

  12. Charming, addictive match-three fun with blocks

    Cubis is an engrossing brick-shuffling puzzle game with a sparkling, colorful look. The object of Cubis is to make groups of three or more same-colored...

  13. Addictive recreation of the popular card game

  14. Addictive route-making puzzle game

    Trainyard Express is an addictive puzzle game where you have to find a way to guide trains from station to station, using your finger to draw out your...

  15. Jewel Fever

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Fun and Addictive Jewel-Matching Slider Game

    Anyone who has ever played classic games such a Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga will be interested in this streamlined alternative. An infinite number of...

  16. A free program for Android, by Mobi2Fun Private Limited.

    Color Clash Addictive Match Game is a free game for Android, that belongs to the category 'Games'.

  17. Extremely addictive variation of the famous Lines game


    • 3.1
    • (9 votes)

    Multiplayer addictive game

    As the name suggests, the object of is to control a tank with which you shoot down both opponents and any obstacles that might get in your way. The...

  19. A free program for Android, by Fishing-B Games.

    Fishing Break - Addictive Fishing Game is a free game for Android, belonging to the category 'Games'.