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  1. A complete, portable personal information manager

    For those who like to have everything planned, here's a handy portable agenda you'll be able to take anywhere with you.myPortablePIM is a surprisingly...

  2. Design and print your own calendar easily

    Calendar Builder is a nice, trial version program only available for Windows, that is part of the category Productivity software with subcategory Calendars...

  3. A simple way to manage your team week by week

    Weekdone - weekly team reports is a free app that helps you best manage your team. You and the rest of your team download the app and use it to report their...

  4. Free calendar plugin

    Outlook CalDav Synchronizer is a free Outlook plugin that’s in charge of synchronizing agendas and calendars between your Outlook account to other...

  5. digiNotes

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    Desktop sticky notes with added features

    Do you have a memory like sieve? Sticky notes are a great way to remember stuff, and with digiNotes you can put digital sticky notes on your Windows...

  6. Complete calendar tool to organize your work

    A good organization is key to improve productivity, and the best way to organize your time is using a calendar like VueMinder Calendar Lite.As you can tell...

  7. Practical calendar for recording events

    If you're looking for a discreet and effective calendar for your desktop then Rainlendar might fit the bill. You can customize Rainlendar with skins and also...

  8. Calendar and to-do list on your USB drive

    Various including: Extension-Friendly Launcher - PortableSunbird Launcher is included by default. It will alter the paths to any extensions you install to...

  9. Notebook designed for storing various textual and graphical information

    There was added an option of text wrapping around image or object There was added a menu option "Show Grid Lines" to display the table borders with...

  10. A Solid Tool to Write and Sync Sticky Notes Across Computers

    Sticky Agenda is an application that lets you write, sync and manage sticky notes across different computers. Since the program is Java-based, it is...

  11. QOwnNotes

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    A free (GPL) program for Windows, by Patrizio Bekerle, known as pbek

    QOwnNotes is a free (GPL) program for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Agenda & Calendars'.

  12. Practical notes and reminder system

    Fixed some minor bugs

  13. A portable version of the personal organizer

    EssentialPIM Portable manages your personal information without leaving any traces on your system, as you can run it directly from your USB memory...

  14. Mini PIM

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    Minimalist personal information manager

    Mini PIM is a small personal information manager that features a calendar, a label editor, a contact list and a password manager, all under a single...

  15. Manage all your information from one place

    Life can get pretty messy sometimes but there are plenty of software tools around that can help you get yourself organized. es-Builder is a decent solution...

  16. Get your house in order with this personal organizer

  17. Simple app to create all sorts of diagrams

    A diagram is often the best way to explain certain concepts or plan a complicated step-by-step process. Now with SimpleDiagrams, they're easier than...

  18. A complete organization tool for people on the go

    LeaderTask is an organizer that lets you manage your projects, contacts, tasks and, ultimately, your time.If you're like every other adult out there, you've...

  19. NeverNote

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    Open-source alternative Evernote desktop client

    NeverNote is an open-source alternative to EverNote, the popular online service that lets you capture and sync data across multiple devices.Though it's not...