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  1. Significantly Enhance Your Audio Listening Experience

    Profound Sound C-Sharp equips your PC speakers, headphones and external speakers with high-quality audio. The robust user interface offers a 10-band graphic...

  2. SDelete

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    Securely Delete Your Data With This Trusted App

    There are tons of data recovery programs out on the market because one of the most common mistakes with devices is accidentally deleting or losing files....

  3. Encrypt your USB stick and protect your data

    Rohos Mini Drive is a small app that helps you make sure all those files stored on your USB drive are safe from prying eyes.The software lets you easily...

  4. Professional enlargement of images within Adobe CS6

    Enlarging and changing the scale of images requires powerful software to make it look professional. Perfect Resize Standard Edition is a powerful software...

  5. Install various packages

    npm install is one of the command utility and tool under the package manager for the Node JavaScript platform, called npm. Developed by, its main...

  6. Wipe

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    Safely remove all computer usage tracks

    Be warned: when you use the computer or browse the web, you're leaving behind traces of all you movements that can be easily tracked like breadcrumbs.Luckily...

  7. Avoid Google tracking algorithm

    Don't Track Me Google is a browser add-on tool that can bypass the Google tracking algorithm that has the capability to convert the direct link to a web page...

  8. Intuitive image-sorting program for multiple operating systems

    Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is an excellent tool for those who are photography enthusiasts as well as for anyone who has been looking to free up occupied...

  9. Free social audio platform

    Angle, also published as Angle: Social Audio and Voice Chat in the Google Play Store, is a social and communication application that mainly allows you to...

  10. Intuitive image-sorting program for multiple operating systems

    Duplicate Photos Fixer is an excellent tool for those who are photography enthusiasts as well as for anyone who has been looking to free up occupied space...

  11. Free software to track menstrual cycles

    Period Tracker is a unique software package which allows women to accurately track their menstrual cycles. It also offers users the ability to monitor their...

  12. Easily and Quickly Clear Duplicate Files

    Duplicate File Remover Pro, as the name indicates, helps you locate and trash duplicate files. The tool helps delete duplicates on a hard disk or an external...

  13. A free program for Android, by Engineering Hub.

    Analysis Design Of Algorithm is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Education & Reference'.

  14. Manage all your passwords safely

    There comes a time when you realize you can't memorize all your passwords. That's when you need to start using a password application, and Bytessence...

  15. HanzConvert

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    Free Application to Convert Chinese Characters into Different Encoding Architecture

    HanzConvert has been designed to translate traditional Chinese characters into multiple output formats. These formats include UTF-8 ,BIG-5 and GB18030....

  16. roBot - A Chatbot With an Open Learning Algorithm

    roBot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot with an open learning algorithm that can be used as a communication channel for your customers or a virtual...

  17. Google gets the crowd to work

    Crowdsource is a Google app that uses contributions from its users to refine the company's Internet services. By completing a series of brief microtasks --...

  18. Free App for Coders

    Algorithm Visualizer is a special app that presents algorithms in an easy to read and eye catching way. The special visualisations help to give users an...

  19. CoVis

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    Calculate real-time COVID-19 risks

    CoVis is a freemium health and fitness app that can accompany you in predicting your real-time risks of getting infected with COVID-19. This way you can make...

  20. n01

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    A full version program for iPhone, by Nippon Algorithm Company LTD..

    N01 is a full version app for iPhone, belonging to the category 'Sports'.