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  1. Anime Race For Fallout 4

    Animerace FalloutSama is a fan made mod for the game known as Fallout Shelter from the makers of Vanusoft's Aion and New Vegas. If you have played the games...

  2. Free anime face mod

    AnimeRace Nanakochan is a free mod for Fallout 4 that changes all the female characters’ faces to anime faces. You can customize NPCs and the main...

  3. Minotaur

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    Anime Adventure in Minotaur

    Minotaur is an adventure game which takes influence fro the world of Japanese visual novels. Step into an immersive, anime-like fantasy world with a rich...

  4. A full version program for Windows, by Konnichiwa Games.

    ANIME REDEMPTION is a full version program for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Action'.

  5. Oninaki

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    Tale of Death and Reincarnation

    Oninaki is a role-playing game by Square Enix that takes place in a fantasy world with anime visuals. Some of the wandering souls called the Lost remain in...

  6. Bowling game with a selection of lanes and game modes

  7. Anime inspired adventure JRPG

    Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey is the latest in the popular JRPG series. This time, two sisters set out from their sleepy home...

  8. Join a Weird Anime World with Assassination ClassroomVR Balloon Challenge Time

    Assassination ClassroomVR Balloon Challenge Time is a virtual reality game set in the world of the popular anime/manga franchise Assassination Classroom....

  9. Post-Apocalyptic Warfare in Insidia

    Insidia is a strategic battle game set in a world of post-apocalyptic fantasy. Assemble a team ofchampions from a range of different character classes, and...