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  1. Customizable intelligent anti spam filter for POP3

    Spamfire is an amazing, trial version Mac software, being part of the category Internet software with subcategory E-mail (more specifically Anti-spam).

  2. Mail server with anti-virus & anti-spam, built-in firewall with NAT

    602LAN SUITE is a free program only available for Windows, belonging to the category Communication software with subcategory Email (more specifically Email...

  3. Multi purpose spyware removal tool

    SPYWAREfighter is a simple spyware removal program that's easy to install, administer and use.If you computer has been suddenly slowed down or you see pop-up...

  4. Protect your system from all kinds of loggers

    When browsing the Web and downloading stuff to your PC you can never be too safe. This is why it's worth using a program like Zemana AntiLogger.With Zemana...

  5. Detect and eliminate more than 400 types of spyware

    Free Spyware Scanner is a great, free Windows software, being part of the category Security software.

  6. SpyBlocker

    • 2.2
    • (6 votes)

    Block Spyware before it reaches your computer

    SpyBlocker is a regular, free Windows software, belonging to the category Security software.

  7. Protect your PC from a large variety of spyware

    Max Anti Spyware is a great, trial version software only available for Windows, belonging to the category Security software with subcategory Anti-spyware.

  8. Knock out spam before it gets through your mailbox

  9. Secure and remotely manage your company’s endpoints and servers, plus a firewall and anti-spam

  10. A simple malware search and destroy app

    Exterminate It! is an app that searches for and removes various types of malware, like trojans, rootkits and worms.After a brief installation, Exterminate...

  11. Mailwasher

    • 3.8
    • (25 votes)

    Get rid of spam for good

    There's nothing more annoying than your personal inbox getting filled with spam trying to sell you viagra, financial services and all manner of other things...

  12. Find and eliminate all types of online PC threats

    Spy Sweeper 2011 is a full-featured cleaning utility that protects your system from many types of threats, like Trojans and spyware.Security is the most...

  13. Snuff out spam from your inbox

    Call me ungrateful but I'm fed up with being offered millions of dollars by my distinguished Nigerian relatives or the inheritence of my dog's grandma's...

  14. Protect your inbox from spam

    Spam Terrier sits between your email server and your email client, working as a powerful filter to prevent all those spam messages from reaching your inbox....

  15. Award winning anti spam software and fraud protection for Outlook