Download Antivirus Free For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps | 5

  1. WizzTree

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    Free Software to Identify Files Requiring an Excess Amount of Hard Drive Space

    Even modern hard drives can experience performance problems due to the presence of large folders or files that require an excessive amount of memory....

  2. Cloud-based lightweight antivirus

    Cloud computing seems to be quite trendy these days, so it's not surprising to find cloud-based software as well. Immunet Protect is one of those cloud...

  3. Detect a multitude of common viruses

    Multi Virus Cleaner 2011 is a useful tool that helps you detect viruses on your PC. A good antivirus tool is one that regularly updates its virus...

  4. Analyze suspicious files for malware with 40 antivirus

    Virus Total Scanner analyzes suspicious files with more than 40 well-known antivirus engines, using the VirusTotal web service. Select the file and then...

  5. Stop viruses and malware before they get to your computer with the award-winning Defender Pro Antivirus and Internet Securit

  6. A free anti virus scanner you can take anywhere

    ClamWin Portable is a simple, powerful and most importantly, free antivirus checker for Microsoft Windows.ClamWin Portable features an easy to use GUI and...

  7. Free Antivirus to Protect Your Computer

    ClamWin is an antivirus program designed to protect users of all Windows operating systems from harmful viruses and malware. With a scanning schedule...

  8. Secure your PC with Clam AntiVirus

    The internet contains a lot of security issues for the unwary. From data theft to malicious software, there’s a lot out there which can damage your PC or...

  9. VCleaner

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    Detect & eliminate Sasser, Bugbear, Netsky and over 400 more virus types

  10. Protect your computer from viruses with this simple tool

    ZenOK Free Antivirus is a simple, easy-to-use antivirus that protects your system from viruses, adware, spyware and other unwanted creatures.Upong first...

  11. Microsoft's antivirus that boots from CD or USB drive

    Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper is a powerful, free program only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Security software and has been...