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  1. Add extra capabilities to your Windows clipboard

  2. Meta

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  3. Batch image processing made easy

    * Added a Revert button to undo changes to the current preset. * Irrelevant parameters are now disabled when No Scaling is selected.

  4. Render through the cloud with Renderwow

    Renderwow is a cloud rendering service offered by Shinewonder. If your computer tends to experience lagging and crashing whenever you render images...

  5. Easy, eye-catching photo effects

    PhotoStyler is a free and simple photo editing app for Mac.While not at the same level as semi-professional software like Photoshop, PhotoStyler is a great...

  6. Batch image processing software supporting 140 formats and operations

  7. Rip Blu-ray movies with ease and convenience

    Shows and movies are best enjoyed in the highest quality and resolution possible, and in that respect, no other digital disc storage can compare to Blu-ray...

  8. Scale and resize images with a simple tool

    TransformPicture is a simple utility for scaling, rotating and converting pictures. You can scale pictures by a given percentage or by specifying the pixel...

  9. Get Your PDF Files Smaller for Better and Faster Uploads

    PDFOptim is an intuitive and simple tool that lets you reduce, compress and optimize size of a PDF file. It compresses image-heavy PDF files with a range of...

  10. A Tool that Can Convert, Edit and Play Various Media Files

    FLAC MP3 Converter is a robust audio/video converter, player and editor. The tool helps convert FLAC files to the MP3 audio file format quickly. It also...

  11. Quickly cut, edit and paste video

    Have you ever wanted to cut out all of the adverts in a movie file? If so, you can with SimpleMovieX, which automatically searches for commercials inside a...

  12. Stomp

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    Optimize your videos

    Stomp makes small videos out of big ones, particularly useful to transfer them to a smaller device like an iPod or an iPhone. The interface showcases videos...