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  1. Brain Rank
    • 2
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    How to Maximize Your Brain Rank in Games and Blogs

    As of the release of the newest edition of Who Has the Biggest Brain, this game has achieved an overall rank of 276, as rated by the SCImago Journal Rank....

  2. Intense Brain-Twisting Puzzle Game for PlayStation 4

    This Static demo version offers players a unique glimpse into an unfamiliar world where wits and intelligence determine success or failure. While darkly...

  3. NE

    • 3.5
    • (7 votes)

    Brain-teasing, number-crunching puzzle game

    I love a good logic puzzle but grow tired of playing the same kind of games all the time. That's why I enjoy testing new and original puzzlers like NE.This...

  4. Sudokumat

    • 3.8
    • (17 votes)

    Train your brain creating and solving sudokus

  5. A full version app for Windows, by Blue Brain Games.

    The House Of Da Vinci 2 is a full version program for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Adventure'.

  6. Express your love for baking and your cute boss

    Baked With Love is a free bakery simulation game developed by Mimi Chiu and her group of friends called "Sunflower Station: A Wonderful Little Crowd." This...

  7. Entertaining Hidden Object/Solitaire Game for all Ages

    Hidden object platforms and solitaire card games are some of the most popular forms of digital entertainment. Why not enjoy them both by playing Solitaire...

  8. Brain-bending version of the popular numbers game

    The game of Sudoku seems to have replaced the humble crossword as the king of bus travel pursuits. What's more, the way people are playing the game is...

  9. Polespo

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    Test your brain power on a range of different topics

    No longer the preserve of daytime television shows, nowadays it's possible for anyone to prove how much of a smart Alec they are by playing quizzes on a PC...

  10. Advertisement-Free Brain-Training Application for Smartphones and Personal Computers

    Modern gaming applications do not necessarily have to revolve around hours of mindless entertainment. If you are looking to improve your mental acuity, this...

  11. Sudoku under pressure for a perfect brain training session

    Do you like sudokus? These madly addictive puzzles used to be very popular a while ago and still remain a great pastime for people of all ages. Emjysoft...