Download Building Game For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps | 2

  1. LEGO Minecraft

    LEGO Worlds is an adventure game for PC. And to get this out of the way, it could just have easily been called LEGO Minecraft.

  2. Create your own game with almost no coding

    Game Builder is a free-to-use simulation software developed by Area 120. It lets you create games in a way that is interactive, easy to follow, and requires...

  3. Banished

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    • (334 votes)

    Unfogiving building strategy game with one goal: survival

    Banished makes the player the leader of a small group of exiles. A few tools and lots of helping hands have to be enough to survive and lay the foundations...

  4. Cossacks 3 is the latest instalment of the famous war-waging, strategy, economy and empire building game that originally dates back to 2000

    Real-time eighteenth-century strategy

  5. Popular Racing Game for Consoles

    Forza 4 was released in 2011 and provided a strong rival to the genre-leading Gran Turismo series. Building in the same satisfying racing gameplay and an...

  6. A truly amazing dungeon building classic from BullFrog

    Most gamers in their thirties look back fondly at all the BullFrog games, from Theme Hospital to Dungeon Keeper 2. They have the perfect mix of comedy and...

  7. Terra Nil

    • 5
    • (7 votes)

    Save Mother Nature in this free strategy game

    Terra Nil is a free strategy video game that lets you return Mother Nature to its glorious self. Developed by vfqd, elyaradine, and TheJunt, this unique city...

  8. Ferry Spirits in this Cutesy Death Sim

    Spiritfarer is an adorable and cozy management simulation game about dying. You play as Stella, a cheery girl who is the ferrymaster to the deceased. With...

  9. Build a safe way to rescue all the Goo balls

    Good quality games don't necessarily come from big companies. You can also find great titles made by the so called indie developers, and World of Goo is an...

  10. Submarine simulation and combat strategy game

    Cold Waters is a submarine simulator strategy. Players take command of a submarine in a sea full of convoys, battleships and enemy planes.

  11. Free Game for Platform Fans

    Cubic Castles is an engaging platform game that gives players the chance to craft their own world and then interact with it in a wide range of different...

  12. Build the city of your dreams

    Virtual City 2 is a Sim City style game where the aim is to build the city of your dreams.In Virtual City 2, you can construct houses, industrial parks, make...

  13. Crown

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    Free deck-building RPG game

    Crown is a free-to-play role-playing game from indie developer RedDecker. It is a card game where you gain allies as you build your deck. They level up and...

  14. The best Roller Coaster Tycoon from the original trilogy

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack (or "Roller Coaster Tycoon 2") is a game centered on building theme parks (roller coasters included!). In a...

  15. Fun and engaging real-time city-building SIM platform

    Majesty: Gold Edition is a kingdom-building simulation game which requires players to construct strategic fortresses, protect their citizens and strengthen...

  16. GB Studio

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    Free game building app

    GB Studio is a multimedia application developed by Chris Maltby. This free application allows you to design games for your favorite handheld video game...

  17. Simple strategic building game

    ISLANDERS is a minimalist city-building game from Grizzly Games. In it, you will need to build your own city on different islands by strategically placing...

  18. A Full Version Adventure game for Windows

    Portal Knights is a full version Windows game, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Adventure.

  19. VHS-style horror exploration game

    The Building 71 Incident is a free adventure game developed by independent game creation, Scary Cube for PC. It's a first-person horror exploration that has...

  20. Free world-building action game

    Do you have what it takes to survive the Medieval Ages? Medieval Dynasty is set in Europe when Nobles and clergymen rule the land and nations are trading...