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  1. Easily plan tasks and to-dos

    Desktop-Reminder is the perfect tool for absentminded people who have a hard time keeping up with their pending tasks.With Desktop-Reminder you won’t forget...

  2. Virtual Spatial Measurement Software for Mobile Phones

    Cam to Plan is a software package which enables users to instantly calculate the internal dimensions of nearly any room

  3. A simple yet powerful team-based collaboration tool

    Ideal for anyone with a busy schedule to manage or who needs to coordinate a lot of different tasks into a workable roster, Project Plan 365 is available to...

  4. Plan your time in school or college

    Timetable is an application for students. It lets you always have your school, college or university class schedule to hand, as well as allowing you to add...

  5. Planning Projects Professionally

    Excel Project Management Template is a project management software developed by Business Spreadsheets. The software provides template for projects documented...

  6. Elegant and helpful Adobe AIR based financial planner

    Any software that's based on Adobe AIR is a big hit with me because I think the platform lends itself to creating elegant interfaces.That's especially true...

  7. Plan your bill payments more effectively

    Budgeting isn't really something we can get away from. If it is winter, we're thinking about our summer holidays, summer, and we're thinking about the...

  8. Week Plan

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    Plan your week in advance

    WEEK PLAN for Chrome is an extension for Google’s Chrome browser that allows users to plan their week and manage their time more wisely. Utilizing the app’s...

  9. The easiest way to create a table plan

    PerfectTablePlan really makes planning a big meal or wedding simpler than it actually is. You'll enter information for all your guests, map out where...

  10. Business Plan

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    A free program for Android, by Ayed Al Qahtani.

    Business Plan is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Business & Productivity'.

  11. Plan, Establish and Track your Business

    LivePlan grabs you by the hand and walks through you the process of creating your very own business from start to finish. From creating a plan and strategy...

  12. Customer Service Applications for Commercial Vendors

    ServiceTrade is basically a SaaS platform that helps its users receive their systems’ status via online quotes, audio notes, post-service reports with images...

  13. Email marketing software designed for e-commerce needs

    Soundest helps users to better manage their email marketing and e-commerce workflows across multiple channels. As it is primarily oriented towards improving...

  14. Britrix24

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    A CRM Tool that Does It All (Almost)

    Bitrix24 is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that lets you connect with your coworkers and employees, follow contacts, track leads, manage...

  15. A free Finance app for Android

    My Budget Plan is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Finance, and has been developed by Baby Smile Apps. It's recommended for small business...

  16. Plan your family and school reunions to perfection

    If you've ever had to organize a school or family reunion you'll know how much hassle it can be. Reunite is a handy tool for planning and coordinating family...

  17. DayMap

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    DayMap - Plan and visualise your day

    DayMap is a day planner and calendar app that helps you to organize and map your schedule. A clean, color coded interface makes planning your day simple and...

  18. PaveAI

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    Automated analytics platform intended for small businesses

    PaveAI intends to provide software that can be seamlessly integrated into the modern workplace. Not only is this package a user-friendly alternative to more...

  19. Hot Plan

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    Organize your life easily

    Hot Plan helps you keep all your notes and ideas organized. This personal planner lets you add labels and priority levels to your different actions.Create...