Download Cloud Storage Free For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 6

  1. Free Data Synchronisation at for Office Workers

    TeamDrive is a tool that makes it easy for individuals as well as groups of people to share their data files between different devices. Up to five people at...

  2. Make backup copies of Blogger posts and comments

    Making backup copies of your data is important and that includes your personal blog. It was really about time to have a tool like Blogger Backup, capable of...

  3. Automatic backup copies and data syncing

    Backup copies are the kind of thing you always remember to do when it's already too late. So next time you complain about losing important data, think about...

  4. Buttercup

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    A password manager for PC devices

    Buttercup is a free and open-source password management software that was created by an independent developer named Perry...

  5. Fiabee
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    The easiest way to backup important files

    Fiabee is a backup tool that’s been developed with a main purpose: to be easy enough to use for everyone. And it does achieve this aim!With Fiabee you don’t...

  6. Copies and backups of your important files in real time

    Constant backups are an essential part of avoiding the worst if your hard drive ever decides to die on you or your laptop is stolen etc. Hinx Backup Easy is...

  7. Create and manage copies of your e-mail

    If you've never backed up your e-mail then you could do a lot worse than use KLS Mail Backup to make backups of your most important files. KLS Mail Backup...

  8. SparkleShare makes file sharing easier than ever

    Sharing files is often an arduous task without an existing infrastructure. SparkleShare is a solution for this which you can set up quickly yourself and...

  9. Simple tool to create and recover disk images

    Creating disk images is the easiest way to back up and restore lost data or just to give you peace of mind. The problem is that usually, such software is not...

  10. Open-Source Platform to Synchronize and Share Files

    Seafile is a software system which is used to share files between multiple stakeholders. This package is ideal for enterprise-level organisations, as sharing...

  11. Echosync

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    A free app for Windows, by Sylvain Rougeaux

    Echosync is a free program for Windows, belonging to the category 'Backup & Cloud Storage'

  12. Simple backup software from Auslogics

    Auslogics BitReplica is a simple, approachable backup solution that all computer users will be able to use with ease.Auslogicsis famous for user-friendly...

  13. SpiderOak

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    Free online backup, storage and sharing solution

    SpiderOak makes sharing files online easy, even if you don't have a proper web space or the people you want to share them with don't know how to access a FTP...

  14. Make secure online backups of your data

    BackupLife allows you to make secure online backups of your Windows data. BackupLife has no data limits and claims to be extremely secure with because it...

  15. Make backups with one simple click

  16. Make ZIP backups of your folders

  17. Backup your Windows registry

    Backing up your registry is a very simple and effective way to ensure that your machine remains stable. This is because your Windows Registry contains...

  18. Free and simple application to link cloud storage

    Cloudbuckit is a cloud manager able to connect a range of different clouds in one place for quick and easy access. Once all other clouds are connected to...