Download Cloud Storage - Best Software & Apps | 8

  1. A free program for Windows, by cok-software.

    Cok Free ITunes Backup Extractor is a free app for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Backup & Cloud Storage'.

  2. Excellent backup and restore application

    Oops!Backup lets you not only back up your files and keep them safe, but also restore old file versions quickly and easily.Losing documents can be a real...

  3. Bitcasa
    • 2.4
    • (36 votes)

    Infinite storage (sort of)

    Bitcasa is more than just an application. There is a whole service managing your files in the cloud.If your computer is running out of space or if you're...

  4. Backup Guru LE

    • 2
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    A free backup program that is fast and reliable

    Backup Guru LE offers folder backup and syncing functionality. The makers of the tool vouch for its reliability and simplicity. Simplicity stems from the...

  5. Listening to Cloud Tunes

    Cloud Music Player - Listener is a free 'Audio' app created by Jhon Belle. It plays music from devices and cloud storage services.

  6. Superb online and offline backup tool

    If you've never performed a backup of your PC, then you're risking potential disaster if your hard drive fails or the 'On' switch simply doesn't work for...

  7. Free cloud storage migrator

    Wondershare InClowdZ by wondershare lets you manage all your files in one place. It's a cloud migration and administration solution with a free trial, as...

  8. Free and Encrypted Cloud Storage Software for Computers and Smartphones

    OwnDrive is an excellent means for users to safely and securely store their data within the cloud environment. As highly advanced encryption methods are...

  9. Smash

    • 4.3
    • (16 votes)

    Smash those files and transfer them fast

    File sharing is extremely useful in this day and age, as everything from personal hobbies to important work involves some kind of sharing of information....

  10. Bart

    • 4.3
    • (2 votes)

    A free program for Windows, by Zhorn Software

    Bart is a free program for Windows, that makes part of the category 'Backup & Cloud Storage'

  11. GMX

    Varies with device
    • 2
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    Free Email Accounts with Unlimited Storage

    GMX is a free email service with unlimited storage. Less well known than other email services like Gmail, GMX offers a number of additional features which...

  12. Swift Files makes managing files swifter!

    Since the advent of cloud saving and cheap USB sticks, there are so many places to store files now. Sooner or later everyone ends up with at least one extra...

  13. SmartVault

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    Cloud-based document management and storage

    SmartVault is a cloud storage program that was developed by SmartVault Corporation for PC. It is a premium cloud-based document management service. It...

  14. Access your files anytime, anywhere

    Do you frequently move files between your desktop PC and laptop, or between your home computer and your office computer, or even between your PC and your...

  15. Backup and sync files to a 2 GB virtual drive

    Are you worried about the security of the data you store on your PC? If so, start using Syncplicity and you'll always have a synchronized backup copy to...

  16. Work in the cloud with this service

    Windows 365 Cloud PC is a backup and cloud storage service that enables you to easily use the Windows operating system on any device—wherever you may be....