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  1. Macro PC Cleaner is a computer cleanup and performance increase software that keeps your PC running in tip-top shape.

  2. Free File Management Software for Desktop Computers

    There can be many times when a user wishes to effectively manage his or her files without resorting to more complicated programs such as DocuWare Cloud or...

  3. Software to Prevent an Operating System from Entering into Sleep Mode

    There can be instances when it is inconvenient for a system to enter into sleep mode. As opposed to manually adjusting internal settings, this application...

  4. Mac data recovery software to recover deleted or lost files with best data recovery result in Mac OSX computer

  5. Free Software to Enhance Computer Performance and Speed

    MemoryKeeper Free is one of the best ways to make certain that your computer is making the most out of its internal memory capacity. Not only is it extremely...

  6. Connecting Computers and Graphing Calculators

    TI Connect is a free IT and development software that allows users to transfer files between a TI graphing calculator and a computer using a link cable....

  7. MachineProfile

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    Free software package to display technical computer information

    MachineProfile is a tool which allows users to see technical data in regards to their personal computer. As this application offers much more in-depth...

  8. Detect and block programs that spy on your computer activity

    Here in the Softonic offices we're becoming ultra paranoid about digital snooping after bandying around all sorts of unfounded theories that Facebook is run...

  9. Streamlined software platform to integrate computer processes is essentially a platform designed to increase the in-house efficiency of a company. By providing easy methods to monitor and modify existing...

  10. IntelBurnTest

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    Advanced software to perform 'stress tests' on personal computers

    IntelBurnTest is often used when an individual wishes to gauge the performance of his or her personal computer. As opposed to a standard system monitor, this...