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  1. User-friendly dictionary application for personal computers

    Sideways Dictionary is a unique resource due to the fact that as opposed to providing discrete definitions, it instead employs analogies to explain a word or...

  2. Define and translate words in one click

    Dixio Desktop Classic is a handy translation tool that helps you browse web pages in Spanish and Catalan, and also provides definitions for English...

  3. Innovative graphic-based dictionary and thesaurus

  4. Free Sinhala to English dictionary and translator

    The Sinhala-English Dictionary is a free and compact dictionary and translation tool great for people who are trying to learn or speak both English and...

  5. Create dictionaries and glossaries

    Need to create your own glossary or dictionary? No need to worry; things have come a long way from the days that you had to sit down with an interminable...

  6. WebDicty

    • 3.9
    • (133 votes)

    Free multilingual dictionary

    WebDicty is a nice, free Windows software, that belongs to the category Science & education software with subcategory Language & Translation (more...

  7. Free offline Hindi dictionary designed for smartphone users

    English to Hindi Dictionary is an excellent resource in the event that the user needs to translate words between these two languages. Unlike some other...