Download Drag And Drop Files - Best Software & Apps | 5

  1. Beautiful Disk Cleaning App

    Disk Health - Drive Cleaner and Duplicate Finder is a disk cleaning application with a stunning interface. It allows you to clear out duplicate files, as...

  2. Send oversized files easily

    Attachment sizes on emails regularly increase, and you can often find ways to share files online. Yet sending large files to someone can be a bit of a...

  3. Get Your PDF Files Smaller for Better and Faster Uploads

    PDFOptim is an intuitive and simple tool that lets you reduce, compress and optimize size of a PDF file. It compresses image-heavy PDF files with a range of...

  4. Twittershare

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    Share files via Twitter

    Twitter addicts will have noted that the only true thing missing from the microblogging service is file transfers. Twittershare makes this possible and as...

  5. iExtractMP3

    • 4.3
    • (10 votes)

    Extract MP3 tracks from FLV files

    It seems like a pretty simple request - extract the audio track from FLV files - but you'd be surprised how many audio extraction apps either don't do it or...

  6. Easily convert Excel documents to PDF

    Here's the situation: you're working on an important document in Microsoft Excel and you need to share it with your collaborators. But you want to make sure...

  7. Easily change the application associated with a file

    Unlike Windows, the Mac OS uses three different types of information to determine which application is associated to a particular file. This includes not...

  8. PDF-OCR-Free

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    Convert Your PDFs into Searchable Files

    PDF-OCR-Free is a simple application that makes your PDFs searchable. Equipped with drag-and-drop functionality, this program incorporates optical character...

  9. Transfer a File Online from the Cloud or PC

    P2P File Send and Receive for Chrome is a free web service that helps you transfer files from your local computer or Google Drive easily and conveniently. To...

  10. Convert your PDF into editable files

    PDF Converter for Word is an application for desktop and laptop computer that allows you to convert your PDF files into Word documents. By doing this, PDF...

  11. MoveCM

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    Move your files around more quickly

    Dragging and dropping can be time consuming when you don't know where files or folders are.MoveCM is a handy solution because it adds a contextual menu item...

  12. A very basic file unarchiver

    File Extractor is a bare bones file unarchiver that has a nice interface - but not much else.Fried Cookie has once again released a dead simple application...

  13. Convert multiple file formats to PDF

    Here's the situation: you're working on an important document and you need to share it with your collaborators. But you want to make sure they receive the...

  14. DropDMG

    • 4.6
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    Create disk images and archives with a simple drag and drop

    * DropDMG is now localized in French. * Added toolbar buttons to the DropDMG window for directly opening the Layouts and Licenses tabs of the...

  15. m2ftp
    • 3.2
    • (8 votes)

    Simple FTP clients for fast and easy transfers

    FTP clients can range from the utterly incomprehensible to the ridiculously easy and this one definitely falls into the latter category. This means that it...

  16. Planning Application For Novelists and Screenplay Writers

    Story Planner for Writers does exactly what its name suggests, in that it provides writers, including novelists and screenplay writers, with a variety of...