Google Duo

Google Duo APK

Simple and reliable one-on-one video calling between mobile devices

Google enters the video calling market with its product: Duo. This innovative product is added to Google's roster of communication tools to bring the grand total up to four, but Google Duo does several things better than the other tools. Duo, along with the rest of Google's communication tools, are free to download on Android and iOS devices alike.


  • The innovative knock knock feature allows you to see who is calling before you answer
  • Extremely simple interface to use
  • Specialized to work specifically on your mobile phone or tablet so there's nothing you don't need and everything is directed to one purpose: making video calls


  • No voice only option
  • No compelling reason for IOS users to switch to Duo from Facetime for calling other iOS users
  • Both users need to have Duo installed to start the voice call

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