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  1. Ib

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    Escape the art museum

    Ib is a free horror adventure video game wherein you must escape the madness of an art museum. Developed by kouri, this Japanese psychological horror indie...

  2. Free Game for Puzzle Lovers

    Can You Escape – Island is a classic escape game that takes place on a desert island. Players become shipwrecked on the island and need to find a way to...

  3. Free Game For Puzzle Lovers

    Can You Escape – Holidays is a locked room puzzle game that takes the different holidays from around the world as its theme. The rooms range from a frosty...

  4. Pit Your Wits Against a VR Ghost in Escape Bloody Mary

    Escape Bloody Mary is a virtual reality survival horror game based on the famous urban legend of Bloody Mary. The player must use their wits to make sure...

  5. Escape the room in this game

    Pyrolyzis is a 3D horror game that will play with your mind. The third installment in JN Squared's Nightmare Series will place you in a room that you will...

  6. Escape a mysterious maze in Sleeping Dawn

    Sleeping Dawn is a cooperative first-person survival horror game in which you and up to three friends play a group of children lost in a mysterious...

  7. Newton!

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    Play as a hamster and escape!

    Newton! is a simple platformer game for Windows 8.Play as Newton!, a lovable hamster running in a hamster ball. The game is nonsensical but remains fun. The...

  8. Math-A-Maze

    • 3.5
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    Use your maths skills to escape from the maze

    Math-A-Maze is a helpful, free game only available for Windows, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Educational.

  9. Drive trucks in crazy races

    In Max Power Trucks, the player takes part in truck races in the countryside. The game features two game modes, championship and training, during which you...

  10. A Free escape the room style VR game.

    Take the majesty of Film Noir and put in into a sci-fi VR game and you get Adobe. Highley influenced by escape the room style games, you find yourself in a...

  11. Free Game for Puzzle Fans

    Can You Escape – Craft is a classic escape room puzzle game. This time around the game features ‘80s style graphics that give the game a rather interesting...

  12. Can you escape from Alcatraz in less than an hour?

    Alcatraz: VR Escape Room is a virtual reality puzzle and adventure game developed by OriginsVR. Alcatraz: VR Escape Room is a refreshing alternative to...

  13. Cool Game for Action Fan

    Exterminator: Escape! is the long awaited sequel to the popular Exterminator game. This time around the game has been optimised for the virtual reality...

  14. By-the-numbers VR survival horror in darkness

    Escape Camp Waddalooh is good for people who like jump scares, or for people who like going on YouTube and jumping when they play a game such as this. You...

  15. Escape 2020

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    Collect the keys and escape 2020

    Escape 2020 is a free action video game from independent developer Hewco. Here, you will take control over an obscure human-like character who needs to...

  16. Meet the Wackiest Zombies Ever in Zombies Escape: Hidden Object Game

    Zombies Escape: Hidden Object Game is a free game that offers a wacky, cartoonish twist on the world of the walking dead. The player takes control of a...

  17. Escape from the castle by spitting at your enemies

    Plobb is a colorful, nice game with an original style in the design of characters. You're represented by a simple head, and your enemies are... bubbles.The...

  18. Escape from an unknown planet

    New graphics

  19. Bounce to safety in Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod!

    Holey Suit, to the Escape Pod! is a free physics-based action game in which you play the last survivor of an alien attack. Wearing a leaky space suit, you're...