Download File Hider For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps

  1. A Free And Paid Virus Checker From Indonesia

    There are two versions of the SmadAV 2016 software. There is the free version that has fewer tools and requires you to update the virus database manually....

  2. Frighteningly Good Fun with Hide and Shriek

    Hide and Shriek is a one-versus-one game that's all about scaring your opponent to death! It's Halloween and the students of magic at two rival schools are...

  3. Hide private data in your computer

    If you share your computer with other people and don't want them to run certain programs or access specific folders, Gili File Lock is the program you...

  4. Hide disks and optical drives from prying eyes

    With Windows Drive Hider you can hide disks, partitions, USB drives, network drives and optical drives such as CD, DVD or Blu-ray, from the file...

  5. Download your files without fear of interruption

    Rapid File Get is a small and very basic version of a download managing tool.It lets you download large files from the internet relatively quickly. In...

  6. Un-Hider

    • 4.4
    • (3 votes)

    Un-hide and show Files and Folders hidden from pen drives, sd cards, hdd, folders, etc

  7. Protect files, folders, and drives

    idoo File Encryption is a solid, easy-to-use file, folder and drive protection program that offers lots of useful options.There's only one program -...

  8. Hide, Lock, Unlock your files and folders with a simple click. Protect your private files no matter what

  9. Klix

    • 4.2
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    Digital picture recovery for Windows

    Having an image recovery application can be a godsend whenever your camera crashes and you need to get back all those lovely picture you took. Klix is a very...