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  1. Surf the Web anonymously with a simple add-on

    Protecting your privacy on the Net is an increasingly difficult task with ISPs becoming more sophisticated in how they track your surfing habits. However...

  2. Location-based search and Virtual GPS for Internet Explorer

    Website developers can now implement Loki’s positioning system with only a few lines of Javascript. Enhancing applications and websites with location...

  3. Leak Monitor

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    Detect memory leaks in Firefox

    Fix binary compatibility with newer alphas of 1.9.3

  4. Provide grab-and-drag type scrolling in Firefox

  5. Show all your tabs in a single window

    Tabs are one of the best things to happen to Internet browsing in a long time, but there are now ways to make them even more useful.One of them is the...

  6. Save and retreive all the tabs you have open in Firefox

  7. Create new custom search engines for Firefox search bar

  8. Get the most out of Firefox with this handy add-on

    Updated to support Firefox 3.x

  9. Upload files from Firefox using a friendly interface

    This Firefox extension is especially useful for all those heavy file uploaders who like to publish videos and pictures to web sites like Picasa, Youtube...

  10. Extension for installing and organizing Firefox plug-ins

    As a Firefox user, I always take full advantage of the browser's extensibility by installing lots of plug-ins. As useful as they are, it can sometimes get a...

  11. Distrust

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    Eradicate your Internet tracks in Firefox

    Although most of us have nothing to hide when it comes to browsing the web, it's always nice to have the option of destroying Internet traces.Distrust is a...

  12. Fantastic Firefox Add-on for Tumblr users

    Tumblr Post is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to quickly post to your Tumblr account.Sitting in the status bar, Tumblr Post's icon won't bother you...

  13. Reveals security threats on the websites you browse

    McAfee SiteAdvisor protects you from potentially dangerous websites while browsing the web by using a three-color alarm system.After installing McAfee...

  14. Taboo

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    Save Firefox tabs for later reading

    Those of us who surf the web almost on a compulsive way will be thankful for this Firefox tab, thanks to which we won't miss an interesting online article...

  15. Relax your eyes

    Super Dark Mode is a web extension that enables its users to change the background of certain webpages and sites from white to black. While its function is...

  16. Customizable popup menus in Firefox

    Firefox is a great browser for many reasons, one of them being the huge number of extensions you can use to customize its appearance, improve its performance...

  17. Integrate Google Maps into Firefox

    This is definitely good news for all Google Map addicts out there: Mini Map Sidebar is a Firefox extension that enables you to have Google Maps always at...

  18. Rolling Facebook and Twitter feed for Firefox

    The number of ways to keep up with Twitter and Facebook without visiting the pages seems to be increasing exponentially by the hour. For users of Firefox...

  19. Navigate Firefox with 800 or 1024 pixel widths

    Firefox is a great browser but what happens if you want access to it and your desktop at the same time? Tidy Browser Button helps you achieve this by...