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  1. A great, free diagramming add-on for Firefox

    Pencil Project is a Firefox add-on that is free, open-source diagramming tool.These days, design programs can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, there are free...

  2. Make Firefox options easier to see and use

    All those little buttons at the top of Firefox contain a whole world of information and tools. There are so many, however, that sometimes you end up missing...

  3. JonDoFox
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    Anonymous and secure web surfing with JonDoFox for Mozilla Firefox.

    JonDoFox is a free program also available for Mac, belonging to the category Security software and has been created by JonDonym.

  4. Give Firefox a darker look

    Updated for Firefox 3.6.* Still maintains compatibility with V3.5 so this will cover all current stable versions of Firefox. RedShift V4 for Firefox 4 is...

  5. Open in IE

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    Open troublesome Firefox links in Internet Explorer

    As pared-down add-ons go, Open in IE is very, very basic. Without multiple functions or configuration settings, it really only does one thing, but if it's...

  6. Fotofox

    • 4.4
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    Upload your photos from Flickr, Tabblo and 32hq to Firefox

    Hotfix for Flickr upload breakage

  7. Add thumbnail previews to your bookmarks in Firefox

    When you have too many bookmarks it's difficult to find the one you're looking for. Maybe if you could have a graphic preview of all those web addresses it...

  8. Preview and organize pages in your Firefox tabs

    FoxTab is an innovative new way to organize your tabs in Firefox in order to view what's on them and what you've got open at a glance.FoxTab is probably best...

  9. Upload files from Firefox using a friendly interface

    This Firefox extension is especially useful for all those heavy file uploaders who like to publish videos and pictures to web sites like Picasa, Youtube...

  10. Integrate Google Maps into Firefox

    This is definitely good news for all Google Map addicts out there: Mini Map Sidebar is a Firefox extension that enables you to have Google Maps always at...

  11. Find torrent files without leaving your browser

    Torrent Finder Firefox Toolbar is a powerful, free software only available for Windows, that is part of the category Browsers and has been created by...

  12. Capture complete web pages in Firefox

    Screen Capture Elite is a handy Firefox add-on that lets you take screenshots of web pages in several ways, and which has support for the recently launched...

  13. Keep notes in Firefox!

    If you use the internet for research (and let's face it who doesn't?), wouldn't it be useful to be able to take notes in your browser while you're doing it?...

  14. Add any search form to Firefox search engines

    Firefox includes an embedded search field that you can customize with your favorite search engines. The usual way to do this is by installing special...

  15. Chromifox

    • 3.9
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    Apply Google Chrome's design to Firefox

    If you liked Google Chrome's interface but prefer to use Firefox as your main web browser, Chromifox is exactly what you need. Chromifox is a visual theme...

  16. Enrich your Firefox browsing

    Juice is a Firefox 3.0 user interface that gives you more information on the things you�re reading in the browser. Like the add-on Ubiquity, Juice aims to...

  17. Explore the items Firefox has cached

    Your cache can be a treasure trove of items and files that you may have thought were either gone forever or maybe didn't even knew existed.MozillaCacheView...

  18. FoxGLove

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    A special Googleized version of Firefox Portable

    FoxGLove is a special version version of Firefox Portable, tailored by a Firefox user with an insane yet fun addiction to all Google apps. Besides the...

  19. Home Dash

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    Flexible, functional full screen browsing for Firefox 4

    Home Dash is an add-on for Firefox 4 that gives you full screen with all the functionality of a normal screen view.Full screen options for browsing are...