Download Firefox For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 6

  1. FoxGLove

    • 4.3
    • (9 votes)

    A special Googleized version of Firefox Portable

    FoxGLove is a special version version of Firefox Portable, tailored by a Firefox user with an insane yet fun addiction to all Google apps. Besides the...

  2. Bring the semantic web to Firefox

    The Evri Toolbar is an addon for your browser that gives you instant searches using, a beta search engine that offers very different kinds of...

  3. Free service for unbiased reviews of online retailers

    Sitejabber is a website and browser plugin that makes it easy to see what others think about online retailers, helping you to decide whether to shop now or...

  4. Unveil hidden configuration settings in Firefox

    The Firefox browser has got a very complete configuration menu with which you can adapt the browser's appearance and behavior to your liking. But if this...

  5. SwiftTabs

    • 3.5
    • (4 votes)

    Switch between Firefox tabs with the keyboard

    There are two basic kinds of computer users: mouse lovers and keyboard freaks. The first group prefers to manage their PC with the mouse - which they find...

  6. Get the most out of Firefox with this handy add-on

    Updated to support Firefox 3.x

  7. Say Goodbye to Pesky Cookie Warnings!

    If asked what annoys you the most while browsing the internet, most of you would probably answer ads, followed by cookie-related warnings. Luckily for us...

  8. Show all your tabs in a single window

    Tabs are one of the best things to happen to Internet browsing in a long time, but there are now ways to make them even more useful.One of them is the...

  9. Fantastic Firefox Add-on for Tumblr users

    Tumblr Post is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to quickly post to your Tumblr account.Sitting in the status bar, Tumblr Post's icon won't bother you...

  10. Send images directly to Picnik from Firefox

    Picnik is a popular, free program also available for Mac and Web apps, that belongs to the category Browsers with subcategory Add-ons.

  11. Taboo

    • 3.7
    • (9 votes)

    Save Firefox tabs for later reading

    Those of us who surf the web almost on a compulsive way will be thankful for this Firefox tab, thanks to which we won't miss an interesting online article...

  12. Override cutting edge builds of Firefox from disabling your favorite extensions

    Are you a Firefox junkie, who always wants the latest beta builds? If so, Nightly Tester Tools will be a really useful tool. The biggest problem with...

  13. Celebrate the best browser out there

    I've never looked back since switching to Firefox although I've never felt passionately enough to install a Firefox desktop wallpaper.However, if you are a...

  14. Give Firefox a ghoulish overhaul

    If you're thinking of doing something special this Halloween then why not deck out your Web browser with a scary theme? This Halloween Theme for Firefox will...

  15. Let Firefox take care of grocery shopping

    Preparing the grocery list for your weekly visit to the store can be a boring task, but now you can make it easier with this Firefox plug-in. Once installed,...

  16. Keep your kids safe on the Web

    Do your young children use the internet? Kidzui Firefox Add-on lets you instantly transform Firefox into a bold, kid-friendly browser with good parental...

  17. Location-based search and Virtual GPS for Internet Explorer

    Website developers can now implement Loki’s positioning system with only a few lines of Javascript. Enhancing applications and websites with location...

  18. gDocsBar

    • 3.5
    • (1 vote)

    Your Google Docs always in the Firefox sidebar

    Google Docs has to be one of Google's greatest innovations in recent times making it easier than ever to share documents and not mess around sending...

  19. Minimalist chat client for Firefox

    BuddyFox is a simple add-on for Firefox that will allow you to have instant messaging conversations with your friends, without ever leaving your...