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  1. Comprehensive FTP client with remote access

    If you're looking for a powerful FTP client that allows you to administer it from wherever you are, then CrushFTP could be your answer.CrushFTP handles just...

  2. Backup your Google Chrome profile instantly

    Backup for Chrome is an automated all-in-one backup tool that can backup your Google Chrome profile instantly. Backup for Chrome allows you to backup Chrome...

  3. upScreen

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    Capture and upload images to an FTP server automatically

    upScreen is a very simple screen capturing tool that uploads any image you capture on your screen to your hosting service via FTP.This means that you need a...

  4. Free, full-featured password manager

    Even if you're a newcomer to computing, I'm sure you already know how bad the use-the-same-password-everywhere practice is. And if a poor memory is your...

  5. The Only Drag and Drop FTP Client that Edits HTML, Previews Images & More!

  6. FTP client designed for automated tasks

    AbleFtp is designed with those users in mind that need automated FTP transfers without having to constantly manage them themselves.The program is extremely...

  7. Extremely easy to use backup software with FTP support for your projects & docs.

  8. A complete organizer for your student life

    qOrganizer is a free manager for all your personal information.Good organization is one of the keys to success in your student life, be it at high school...

  9. FTPDirect is a software for synchronizing local and remote FTP directories.